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Seven 11-07-2006 01:29 AM

Next Gen 7
Couple of artist interpretations of the 2009 7-series.

I like it. Not sure whether to love it or not. It's much more sporty looking, actually looks very 3-series like. ... The first pick looks kinda Acura RL-ish. But whatever, these are just artist interpretations ... I've yet to find a 7 I didn't like ... or a bimmer I didn't like for that matter.

Spy photos:

Also found a report that the 2009 BMW 7-series will be called the F01, the long wheelbase version will be called the F02 and the next 5-series will be known as the F10. This is probably old news to you guys, first I'm hearing of it though.

And the competition:

Damn, I'm tired ... going to bed.*sleep*

europrince 11-07-2006 10:20 AM

A vast improvement over the current 7. I like it. It's something I could see myself driving one day.

E36is 11-07-2006 12:09 PM

did they secretly demote/fire Chris Bangle and get in a true chief designer at BMW? That 7 series looks great.

europrince 11-07-2006 12:12 PM


Originally Posted by E36is
did they secretly demote/fire Chris Bangle and get in a true chief designer at BMW? That 7 series looks great.

that would be a great idea if his styling wouldn't penetrate all of automotive society. Look at the latest Mercedes S class and Toyota Camry.

Understated 11-07-2006 03:11 PM

Lexus is making some great cars this idea of luxury hybrid just seems like a GREAT idea. Only problem being DIYs are pretty much eliminated...but then again how many 7 series owners change their own oil on avg :P

Seven 11-07-2006 03:22 PM

I change my own oil *th-up*.

Yep, I think that the 7-series is on it's way back to being universally accepted on merit of its aesthetic appeal. I'm actually a fan of the current 7, took me a while to come to terms with it, but especially with the minor changes they made for the 750 (especially the tail end), it's a nice looking car man ... each time I'm in the BMW showroom I stare at it in awe. :D

I was actually behind a 750Li the other day, was an older guy driving it (not surprising), and the guy had style. Car was black, with dark tints and the 21" bmw wheels ... looked sweet!!

Seven 11-07-2006 03:34 PM

Oh, and I'm liking what Lexus is doing these days as well. Especially the LS L, with it's rear reclining seats with leg rests, all Maybach-esque! And making cars more efficient is a necessity, so bringing the hybrid in is definitely a good thing.

Took an IS 250 for a spin a couple months ago ... the seats were awesome, but overall, I liked the 3-series better. .. But that's a discussion for another thread.

Understated 11-07-2006 05:34 PM

agreed...honestly i thought the 03' models were fugly but the facelift made the new 7series decent looking again :) .....another model year will transform it back into a gorgeous machine (like the e38)

i still REALLY like the current facelift look

and of fav 7series interior
yachtline *mw*

Seven 11-07-2006 06:28 PM

That yachtline interior is pretty sweet. I can't say I would really want my trim pieces to look like the floor of a boat, but give me black leather, dark wood trim and some chrome accents, and I'm happy! Call me old fashion. :D

That being said, I wouldn't complain at all if I was handed the keys to the yachtline, or any other of the individual (or exclusive) 7s!!! I definitely like the additional highlights and the steering wheel having a little more flair.

Just look at the quality of the plastics and everything in that picture though eh?! Man I love BMWs!!! *love*

BOND007 11-07-2006 09:12 PM

looks like an larger version of the 6 I like the look ...

Seven 12-06-2006 03:01 PM

Video of the next 7 (all camouflaged). Not overly exciting, and I don't have sound here, so not I couldn't hear the engine or any dialog ... But the next 7 rolls!! That's exciting enough! *th-up* Not to mention the fact that it will probably be offered with alternative fuel options ... I better start saving! :)

Panda Speed 12-10-2006 09:52 PM

AWWW ben! :D look@ u hehehe with all the videos of the 7s :D :D So now i gotta go on the seven forum to find u? I SEE HOW IT IS! :P MISSSS U! *hugs* where are u squish?

Seven 12-11-2006 12:27 PM

Awww Panda, I miss you too! :) ... I was wondering where you were too ... I think I past you in my post count, well, for a little while anyway. :P But I'm here ... I had a pretty busy weekend, family stuff, then ended up at the Guv somehow Saturday night/Sunday morning, and recovering/cleaning (woohoo) on Sunday. But, I'm back at work ... so, posting on Max is my number one priority. Lol. :D

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