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glee60 10-16-2006 03:05 PM

FS: 3.73 Open Diff off 91 325i 5spd in MN $100 OBO
Selling the old diff off the E30! If anyone is looking for a good open diff, no howls, leaks, or stripped threads, This is the one your after! It's a 3.73 as the title states and works perfect. It was pulled at around 201,000. I'll get some pics up as soon as I clean it off! This item is located in Duluth, MN. I'd also consider trades for such as items as a set of “smileys” or a beat Recaro sport interior or partial trades for sport steering wheel, front IS lip, or power moonroof components for a crank swap! TIA!

P.S. I do know of a 3.73 posi in Duluth for sale for $250 if anyone is interested!


P4V of the "beast"!

glee60 10-17-2006 04:12 PM

TTT for a quickish sale or good lowball!

glee60 10-18-2006 11:21 AM

Cmon... Midwest may suck but i know someone needs it!

static 10-18-2006 12:45 PM

i've been trying to sell mine for $40 locally for a while now

glee60 10-21-2006 12:28 AM

Oh boo... Thats not what I wanted to hear! Haha... Well my buddy picked one up for $100 not to long ago so it seemed reasonable enough, just have to find a buyer in such a tiny market! GL with the sale bro!

glee60 11-06-2006 08:03 PM

New Price Bump!
K, Lets try $70
Also, not that it matters but I lied... It's actually an '89 325i. I was uncaffeinated when I posted this :rolleyes:

glee60 11-07-2006 10:00 PM

Tuesday bump, there might be interest on craigslist, cmon someone needs this!

glee60 11-09-2006 09:17 PM


glee60 11-10-2006 02:01 PM

New day bump!

glee60 11-11-2006 07:50 PM

BUMP cuz sommmmebody wants this! (and I wanna pay my cell bill :-p )

glee60 11-12-2006 07:44 PM


glee60 11-13-2006 09:21 PM

sommmmmebody needs this!

glee60 11-14-2006 08:08 PM

....Purchase me.... PlEaSe?!?!?!?!

glee60 11-15-2006 09:01 PM

another day, another clumsy kicking of the diff. :-/

glee60 11-18-2006 09:03 PM


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