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The Sly 11-25-2002 09:37 PM

Loking for 4.10 LSD, willing to .....
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Needed 410.LSD diff for a E30 and willing to trade any parts from a complete 1988 325IS

I have just purchased a complete E30 88 325IS....Anything you need ????
The SLy

M50E30 11-25-2002 09:43 PM

You will definatly get good accleration and wheelspin in 1st and 2nd but why do you want sutch a high ratio? You will max out probably around 160kph! Gee....thats when I start to have fun!

The Sly 11-25-2002 09:53 PM

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1/4 mile runs is my game
And now with the 17" wheels, the ratio is not the same.
So I want to compensate with the 4.10LSD

Nice car by the way

The SLy

M50E30 11-25-2002 10:05 PM


Originally posted by The Sly
1/4 mile runs is my game
Ah come on man! That car is just itchin' to be taken to a road course! straight_6, empowerd, and I volunteer our time at Shannonville Motorsport Park for the Sabb Enhanced Driving School. You should go and track the car. I will once i'm done. When will that be? God only knows!?!? LOL! :D


P.S.: Thanx! Your car is lookin' pretty damn good too!

The Sly 11-25-2002 10:12 PM

You know I have never tried it but I am sure that if I do it once
then I will be a addict.

Now that you talk about it Dave....It sounds interesting.

What are the rules for this?

M50E30 11-25-2002 11:32 PM


The BMW Car Club of Canada's Trillium Chapter (Ontario) has three driving schools at Mosport Internation Raceway a year.

And i'm not 100% shure but the Sabb Owners Club of Canada Inc. (SOCCI) has the Sabb Enhanced Driving School held at Shannonville is there at least twice a year.

Well to attend your car must pass a tech inspection for saftey purposes and thats it. If you haven't attended in something like this don't be afraid. There is class time, instructors, and class groups to help out. And the only rule that comes off the top of my head is to have fun (but don't go bonkers because you are there to learn).

Slowered318 11-27-2002 01:20 AM

The sly.. how is the passanger side front fender on your parts car? if it's in perfect shape i would be willing to buy that off you.

PM me


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