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Furious 07-22-2006 06:12 PM

thanks to mitch for towing me on thursday under short notice. did a great job and treated my car like it was his own, and we know how crazy he is about his own car.

propr'one 07-22-2006 06:52 PM

+1 for mitch being a great guy, if ya'll need a tow shoot him a pm

(better yet, ask him for his #, and keep it in the car. paying 250$+ for a 20 minute tow is retarded)

e30_kid89 07-22-2006 08:18 PM

yea hes good with the towing and checks more than once to make sure your car is all secure and shit(espically if you're lowered) trust me i know*shiner* :( any body or any of my friends who need a tow im gonna recomend them to mitch (if he wants me to) :)

Justin e36 07-22-2006 08:32 PM

pft.. mitch is over-rated... never seen anyone be so careless about his car before. ;)

Ok, I lied. He's incredibly meticulous about his car; I've never met anyone who refuses to even use water to wash his car. All he uses is love, affection, and tender kisses to keep it looking so beautiful.

... +1 for an awesome guy.. haven't need a tow from him yet (knock on wood).. but if something happens, he's the guy I'll be calling.

Kal 07-22-2006 08:45 PM

how much does he charge?

Furious 07-22-2006 09:20 PM

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heres a pic.. of mitch at work

R_JAY 07-22-2006 11:16 PM

Mark, what happened to your baby?

Furious 07-23-2006 03:46 PM

a little mishap with my supercharger blowing up. lol its all good now, a new one was installed

R_JAY 07-23-2006 03:59 PM

Shit, that sucks man! Hopefully no coin had to come outta your pocket to have this fixed.
Mitch, if I ever need a tow..can I count on you to come up to the K-Dub to save me?:D

Furious 07-23-2006 07:01 PM

well i did pay for the re-and-re and the shipping and of course the tow, but all the parts were covered by AA.

Justin e36 07-23-2006 08:37 PM

do they know why the supercharger blew up exactly?
btw.. I think it's time for a new sig. :)

propr'one 07-23-2006 09:21 PM

damn that was fast on fixing it.

what's wrong with his sig justin?

Furious 07-24-2006 02:18 AM

yeah whats wrong with the sig? my car still the same :)

Soldo 07-24-2006 04:04 AM

Awwwww.... lil' mitchy with his hat always on backwards, such a cutie!

+1 on him being a standup guy..... unfortunately i found out he was a tow truck driver the DAY after i got analy rapped by AABRAMS TOWING!

Mitch555 07-29-2006 11:10 PM

I didn't even know this thread was made till right now, by accident! lol

haha Thanks for the prizops boys!

Who uses water on cars to wash them anyway? PFFFFT!!! I'm mista lova lova!

P.S. Thanks for the coffee mark! *shiner* I would have done your tow for free if I knew you were gonna get me a coffee before we got to Rocco's! The coffee was worth the drive ot Bolton! :D

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