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330DTM 01-24-2002 05:38 PM

Disappointed about T&C BMW
What happened was last monday when I was in a rush, I stuck the key into the ignition. However, it would not turn because the steering wheel got locked. So i turned the wheel a bit to enable me to turn the ingition, which always works when the steering wheel gets locked. Somehow, I probably turned the ignition too quickly and I probably released the steering wheel and somehow the ignition got jammed! It was jammed into the auxillary 2 position, the position before the engine can turn on. I tried turning the ignition back to off position but it won't move forward or backwards! i pulled the key and it came out easily. However, it was stuck on auxillary position 2, DRL's on, and dashlights on. Eventually i got the car towed to Town and Country BMW. They said that the ignition got jammed and they had to replace that whole unit, I THINK.

Anyhow, it's been a week and 4 days and they still haven't gotten the part received yet! i'm so disappointed! They cliamed that they're waiting for it to be manufacturered or something. But, a week and 4 days?!?! And i'll probably get it back next week so that'll be 2 weeks and X days! That is crazy! I never waited this long before in my life for the car to be fixed up! I know it's my fault for getting the ignition jammed, but at least BMW should have the part put aside somewhere in the warehouse, thus shortening the waiting period for the part!

ARGHHH I'm soo mad! I feel like bursting in front of everyone, but i'm trying to keep my cool down!

Bliss 01-24-2002 05:55 PM

yeah i know what you're going through. I had some warranty work done on my E36 and i also had to wait for the parts to come in from Gremany. The problem is that they don't stock everyting and so you have to wait for it. It's a pain, esp if you can't drive the car, like in your position. Well keep cool, and just wait it out. Thats all you can do.:mad: Unless you wait for it for a super long time and that's when you pick up the phone and call bmw of canada.:P

330DTM 01-24-2002 06:19 PM

Thanks Bliss, ya, it's sad that they won't lend out a curtiousy car to me. I mean it's not my fault that the part take so long to come. My dad talked to the service manager, and well they had some policy going that the position we're in, they cannot lend us a curtiousy car. that sucks! :mad: :mad:

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