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QMR 04-18-2006 04:25 PM

97 GTI VR6 Turbo For Sale!
Hello Everyone,

$17,000.00 Canadian or $14,780.00 US OR Decent Best Offer!!!

The time has come to say good bye to my baby and start on something new. Before anyone says anything about price etc. Please read everything I have done to this car. Here I go. Pictures are to follow:


97 GTI With a 95 Corrado VR6 Motor with 95 GTI Tranny!!

Here is what it has:


The Motor has been fully re-built.

- Port and Polished Head
- 3 angle valve job
- new guides, seals, timing chains, rails, tensioners etc.
- shot peen rods
- ARP Rod Bolts
- Re-sized Rods
- Balanced Crank
- ARP Head Studs
- Line Hone the Block
- ARP Main Studs
- Wiseco piston Set with Rings
- Decked the Block
- Every Bearing ( rod bearing, crank bearing Etc.) has been changed
- Turbonetics T3 Super T70 Turbo
- Custom intake manifold
- Turbosmart waste gate
- Turbosmart BOV Dual Port
- ATP Turbo Manifold
- Turbosmart Boost controller
- C2 Motorsports head gasket spacer 8:5:1 comp.
- 36 psi fuel injectors
- C2 Motorsports 4" Mass Air Flow
- C2 Motorsports Software
- Custom piping
- Front mount intercooler


- 98 VR6 leathers ( In Mint Condition )
- MOMO Race 320 Steering Wheel with hub
- VDO Boost guage
- AEM Wide Band Air Fuel Gauge ( This is a digital wideband gauge )
- Panasonic CD deck
- Interior is in MINT condition. I have the interior cleaned once a week regardless of how clean it is already.
- Autometer oil presure gauge

The boost gauge is located where the heated seat buttons are with a 42 Draft Designs single gauge holder!! The Wide Band gauge and Oil-Presure gauge are located where the cup holders are.


- Custom Bozer Hood ( made from metal not Fiber Glass )
- FK Crystal Clear Angel Eyes headlight
- FK Crystal Clear fog and turn Signals
- FK M3 Style Crystal White/Red Tail Lights
- FK Silver line plus coil-overs in the front of the Car
- Koni red shocks in the rear adjusted to full stiff with e-ibach sportline springs in the rear
- Spyn Zeta 17' rims with Fuzion tires


- The car also comes with NavLynx Auto Gaurd tracking System. The system has been paid in full for the year. Tracks your car anywhere in North America. You can set limits and borders and tons of other features.

There are a few more things I may have forgotten but might remember later.

The car is in great shape and is very clean. I am asking for $17,000.00 Canadian. There was over $20,000.00 into the motor alone.

If you are interested, you can call me at 905-856-0041 or send me an e-mail to

I did a Dyno run at Autobahn Speed Tuning. The car hit 310 hp at the wheels and 308 Foot pounds of torque at only 12 PSI. This a very well built 7 day a week 24 hrs a day car. No messing around with anything. Just put the key in and go!!!

The head gasket can hold 17 psi. The motor can handle around 24 psi and the turbo pushes out 33 psi.

So, if anyone has any questions, or may be interested in buying my car, please let me know!

The Car only Has 8 000 KM since I took it out this year!!!! If you would like more pics, please e-mail me!!



For Pictures Please Visit:

Tommy Boy 04-18-2006 05:04 PM

how many kms on the engine and the body?

and how can u justify selling this car for double the price of this golf being sold on here ------ >

Joli 04-18-2006 05:10 PM

Give the guy a break man... If you don't want to buy it, then don't. Don't hassle the guy on his price, look at what he posted above. If you aren't interested in it, don't post.

Zim Zimma 04-18-2006 05:30 PM

I agree...Don't bash someones for sale thread...I can vouch that Carmen is a really good guy and i'm sure the price is extremely reasonable given the extensive amount of work done. He hooked me up with rotors,pads, and fluid*th-up*

Bump for great shop QMR and a hot/fast car.:cool:

Tommy Boy 04-18-2006 05:45 PM

i know its a good car, but im honestly curious about how his car and the car i refered to compares....

Justin e36 04-18-2006 05:56 PM

This car has a whole lot more work done to it, nevermind that this one is turboed, with some very serious mods done it .. interior, exterior, and some nice vehicle tracking too.

QMR 04-18-2006 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by Tommy Boy
how many kms on the engine and the body?

and how can u justify selling this car for double the price of this golf being sold on here ------ >

Well I dont want to be here and compare cars, but for more info, the motor itself is fully built. Now if anyone knows to rebuild a stock VR6 it can cost some good money, but to do the work that I have with the pistons, rods, crank, studs, port and polish, new chains and guides etc. that is a lot more money. Like it says above you are lookihng at around $20,000 in work with the turbo alone. I didnt think I was asking for to much. However it also does say Serious best offer. I would settle for $16,000. I know that I was never going to get the money I put into it. Its my hobby and Job and I enjoyed and enjoy every second of it. Time to let it go and move on to something new. If you were to do what I did, it would cost a lot more.

Hope this explains!


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