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FastM3 10-30-2002 12:33 AM

hahaha OMG....student trip forms - "accidents"
i was at my buddies house tonight and i was just eating some cake in his kitchen and i noticed a piece of paper in front of me, so i decided to look at it and i learned that it was a trip form for my buddies little brother in grade 8....anyways as i read about it the one section was called "Accidents"...and it stated accidents that could happen on the trip, but this part was filled in my the this is what it said...


The following injuries or accident may occur on this trip:
Tripping, Bus Crashes, Choking (lunch).

:D :D :D this was to damn funny for me and we died laughing for like 10 minutes straight iuntil i got home's so damn funny that a teacher would put "bus crashes or choking" on a trip form.....then mentality....WOW :D :D

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