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Axxe 03-13-2006 04:58 AM

Nice warm weather means.......
Summer wheels!! Finally got the borbets on, effectively ET20 with 205/45/16 tires. Looks badass, 225's will be even better. Civic belongs to a good friend of mine, he's waiting for tires for his GT3's.

Axxe 03-13-2006 04:58 AM

Hound 03-13-2006 07:29 AM

awesome man *th-up* looks like she's ready and raring to go. can wait to see them in person!!

tell arash i said hey! and to get that driver's side light housing fixed :P :D

Axxe 03-13-2006 07:39 AM

Good to see someone else is up. Yeah, that housing is getting fixed as soon as we can get some free time from school.

King Luis 03-13-2006 09:02 AM

looks sweet.
what valence are you putting on???
ride height is perfect. fenders match the wheels perfect imo.

static 03-13-2006 09:22 AM

haha "special needs parking"

i spent 5 yrs in UW but have no idea about the location of the photos.

Looks good, and what's with everyone getting black rims nowadays: Chris, now you.

Drop looks nice, i am almost determined to get IE stage3s too. Only problem is i cannot drop too low on them since my underground parking ramp is steep and my oilpan is gonna be lower than the standard M20 one is. So I guess i'll have to be running extra padding.
If I want only a 1.5" drop all around on IEs, what kind of padding should i use?
Also i heard that lowering an e30 (mac-pherson/semi-trail suspension in general) too much actually hurts the performance. They suggest that 1.6" drop seems to be optimal

please forgive the hijack


Blades 03-13-2006 09:38 AM

Hey Axxe .. where you in brampton yesterday .. I think I seen you at timmies on sandlewood.

Chris de la Cruz 03-13-2006 09:51 AM

damn is that gary's civic?

the borbets look siick man. a little early for summers though? :D its going to freezing this week :D

Axxe 03-13-2006 11:22 AM

Burger King: Early "is" air damn, flat black, and the diving boards are going flat black too.

Static: Glad someone noticed the special needs parking. It's the back parking lot of the insurance company located on Westmount, just north of Erb (right on the intersection with William). Honestly though, if I had to do it again, I'd go with GC's. Linear springs + infinite height adjustment = win, especially with your lower oil pan.

Blades: Yup, I went through the drivethrough around 7-ish on my way to Waterloo.

Cyborg number guy (AKA Chrome :D): No, that's not Gary's car, his is silver. This is my classmate and roomie Arash. And I don't care about temps, the 'Vic still has winters on, and we drive that (burns a lot less gas in the city).

Thanks for the kind words guys, and FYI, it looks 100x more badass in person :)

Arash 03-13-2006 03:21 PM


Originally Posted by Axxe
Thanks for the kind words guys, and FYI, it looks 100x more badass in person :)

Damn right!! big pimpin

bmwm5lover 03-13-2006 03:46 PM

Get some damn daylight pics you bum.

Blades 03-13-2006 06:09 PM


Originally Posted by Axxe

Blades: Yup, I went through the drivethrough around 7-ish on my way to Waterloo.

damn .. didnt know it was you .. I just noticed by the pictures and those black rims. I was walking inside as I noticed your car.

e30_kid89 03-13-2006 08:04 PM

sweet rims man but i want some day time pics*wave* theres gonna be more guys with black rims soon.........or black basket weaves lol

Understated 03-13-2006 08:09 PM

ahhah special needs parking :D

nice rims and tires *th-up* :)

1BADBMR 03-13-2006 09:57 PM

Looking Good Man*th-up*
(PS...I think you need more lighting)

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