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vadim321go 03-12-2006 06:51 PM

tire pressure
alrite i was looking at my door to find out the proper pressure and got tottaly confused, there were numbers and squares and triangles and i was *shiner*

what is the proper pressure for a 95 325i? my old car was 30psi

fletch 03-12-2006 08:00 PM

If 2 people in front 3 in rear --> (front tire)29psi/(rear tire)32psi

but my car only me and my gf so i use 29psi/29psi

Justin e36 03-12-2006 08:50 PM

out of the factory tire pressures for the 325i are:

front: 29 psi
rear: 32 psi

(as fletch said already.)

with 5 passengers + luggage, the specs (factory) are:

front: 32psi
rear: 39psi

if you are using the trailor hitch then increase the rear tires by 3psi.

note that changing your suspension, tire size, and vehicle weight can all affect the recommended PSI.

Also note that (bmw?) PSI numbers are given and recommended at 10 degree (celcius) weather (18`F). Tire PSI can fluctuate by +/- 4 PSI in extreme cold, or warm, temperatures. So adjust your PSI accordingly depending on the current weather conditions.

vadim321go 03-12-2006 11:02 PM

well considering temperatrues are getting into the 10's im gonna go with 29/32

thx a lot guys

spooner_dee 03-13-2006 11:03 AM

dont the tires have the proper PSI written on them?

BennyL 03-13-2006 01:55 PM

tires have max PSI written on them

i keep mine at 30 all around

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