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Big T 03-10-2006 02:40 AM

Another Clutch ?problem?
Okay, got my clutch disk, pressure plate, release bearing, rear main seal replaced. Aswell as my flywheel machined.

Now when I press the clutch pedal down there is no resistance but it still grabs hard near the bottom of the pedal it supposed to be easy to push teh clutch pedal that easy after a clutch job...or did i just get used to my crappy broken one:P


Justin e36 03-10-2006 02:50 AM

pump your clutch pedal, it took me around 2 minutes of non stop pumping that thing to build up pressure. once it has pressure, it should be good to go.

if not, it's possible there is air in your system and your slave cylinder needs bleeding.

also, make sure your brake fluid is topped up.. (brake fluid reservoir is also used for your clutch). It should be ABOVE the 'fill' line for fluid to pass into the clutch system.

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