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Swerve 02-17-2006 10:20 PM

E36 Door Tweeter Install with Pics
I bit the bullet and decided to get some good tweeters in my doors, I picked up some MB Quart 19.02 NX 3/4” tweeters off ebay. See this thread for history of my dilemma:

I apologize that the pics aren’t better, I don’t have a digicam and had to make do with my V400, so these are .33MP pics. Of course there has to be something inside of the camera that got in all these pics.

The goods:

First, thing I did was go to the stealer to pick up some door clips, p/n 51411973500, List 1.05CAD each, because I already had 2 broken ones I knew about and with the car being 11 years old, you figure they’re going to be brittle and that they’ll break easily.

After GENTLY prying at each clip with a flat head and disconnecting the mid and tweeter harnesses, I set the panel down to glue up the loosened brackets. Glue wasn’t enough to hold these panels together over the years, and being left without another option, I glued the loose areas back together again.

Once I had them off, I removed the blown tweeters and mids from the panels, and then removed the speakers from the grilles themselves.

I then soldered up the crossovers to the OEM mids. The mids are 8ohm and the tweeters are 4ohm, and when wired in parallel equal a 2.67 ohm load on the amplifier, which I’m comfortable it can handle considering the wattage it will really be outputting will be less than 50W each side. Once soldered up, I slapped the replacement into the grille, and pushed the tabs back into place.

Now the fun part: Dremeling the opening in the OEM tweeter grille to a size large enough for the new tweeter. This was time consuming, as I took it very slowly to make sure I had a very round opening. I also had to dremel down some tabs in the grille for the tweeters to sit flush. I wanted this install to be stealth and didn't want to modify the panels at all. I went the MB Quart grille route before and that lasted about 2 months in my car before they were stolen. Stealth is the way to go and the OEM grilles look good, IMO.

Half-way there:



Swerve 02-17-2006 10:25 PM

Then I fitted in the new tweeters and glued them into place. I think they turned out pretty OEM looking, yet just a little more attractive now with that signature MB Quart titanium dome.

I made sure to align the tweeter so that the crosshairs were straight when on the panel before gluing the tweeter into place.

Then I mounted the tweeters and mids to the door panels and ran the crossover away from the speakers. When I first had some components installed professionally, the ones that were stolen, the installer told me that the crossovers should be mounted a good distance away from the speakers, not sure what the reasoning is, but since I don’t know any advantage to mounting them closer, I zip-tied them to the map pocket.

Then I slapped the completed panel back onto the door GENTLY, those clips like to break! :(

Completed driver side:

Completed passenger side. Not sure why the phone made it so small. *mumble*

I hope this encourages those who had not ventured down this road before. I found the install overall easy and am very satisfied with the results! :)

Justin e36 02-17-2006 11:19 PM

Very nicely done... I wonder if you can do this with the older style tweeters.

the big question though: how does it sound?

Swerve 02-18-2006 07:20 AM

The old ones I believe were mounted with a clip that was threaded to the tweeter itself like these:

These mb quarts can be held in by a screw in the rear; if you look at the pic of the completed inside panel in my 2nd post, you'll see a shiny dot on the tweeter, that's the thread. They came with brackets that may or may not work, not sure, but the bracket is pictured in the 4th pic on the left.

As for sound, IMO it sounds great and the front stage is completely improved. I'm running a Clarion Pro Audio DRX9275L, USAcoustics USX4065 4-ch pushing MB Quart RKB 130s in the kicks, and now the OEM mids & MB Quart 19.02NXs which are actually identical to the tweeters on the kickpanel speakers. The gain is quite a bit lower on the mids/tweets, so theres a nice balance between the 6 speakers up front.

MB Quarts are pretty much the only speakers I will buy, they sound incredible compared to most and were well worth the price of $65US shipped. :)

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