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Luke318is 12-15-2005 04:55 PM

Suggestions/318is Muffler issue
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Ok im getting a muffler for my 91 318is. Problem is that on this car the tip is at an angle when it comes out of the hole in the rear rockguard. This pretty much screws me for getting a magnaflow muffler complete with tip. So im going to set this offset mufler back there and run a few feet of pipe STRAIGHT through the hole (hopefully) Do you guys think there is ehough room to move the muffler to the drivers side enough to allow a straight shot at the hole in the rockguard (hence the reason i chose the offset muffler)???
*Note that the stock muffler is huge compared to this one so im hoping there is enough room.

Anyone done this before???

The muffler i chose is the one thats underlined in the list below:
Attachment 56017
In/Out Length Overall Part #
2.25 14" 20" 12225
2.5 14" 20" 12226
3 14" 20" 12229
2 18" 24" 12254
2.25 18" 24" 12255
2.5 18" 24" 12256
3 24" 30" 12289
3 18" 24" 12259
2.5 24" 30" 12286

*edit, if i want to go with stainless its this muffler:

Slowered318 12-16-2005 09:07 AM

Excuse if this message is hard to read, I'm posting from my blackberry.

From my experience it can be done but not with the factory muffler strap. You should use hooks and make sure you tie on to both rubber hangers. Also your going to need some costem bending done as the pipe from muffler to cat needs to dip down to clear the axel.

My muffler runs strait out but its a long and narrow body unlike the one you picked. So I hope you will have enough dampening with that muffler.

Its possible so no worries but it will take some engineering

Mystikal 12-16-2005 12:22 PM

Adding to what Ryan said, just take it to a shop that deals with Magnaflow. They do this as their jobs, and will know the best solution.

Luke318is 12-16-2005 06:05 PM

im not doing catback...but ya shop will be doing the long as its possible im good

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