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djcontra 10-11-2002 12:53 PM

325iA vs. Grand Prix?
I'm not sure what I raced last night whether it was a grand prix, grand am, or ford taurus sho?

it was really dark out around 12:30am, and i had just come back from doing a run, and i see this car with blindingly bright foglights but no headlights on. The guy and i lined up at the stop light and he revved his engine so i revved mine back. I've beaten many grand prix's before so i figured i'd give it a shot, chances are that it was automatic like mine anyway.

Well....was i ever wrong!

All of a sudden as he's revving up high i hear a turbo or supercharger start to whine, and the blow off valve PssssHhhhh as he launches ahead of me as if he dropped the clutch at 5000rpm or something.

All i can say is the race lasted less than 5 seconds before both him and i knew i wasn't going to catch up any time soon.
heh, oh well who would have known!

damn i can't wait to get my supercharged 325is!!
when i do i wanna find this guy and race him again

Gamite 10-12-2002 10:12 PM

was it black?

mkgino 10-12-2002 11:02 PM

Nice try, but its not fair, he has forced induction and you dont. Next time you will get him!

Jon@Bimmersport 10-13-2002 06:10 PM


Originally posted by Gamite
was he black?
geez...dont be racist! could have been the s/c'd grand prix...or maybe SVT countour?

djcontra 10-15-2002 07:35 AM


Originally posted by E46_lover

geez...dont be racist! could have been the s/c'd grand prix...or maybe SVT countour?

i think that's what it was, a supercharged svt contour
i dont know what the guy looked like because he had very dark tinted windows.

His car sounded pretty awsome though, it put a smile on my face when i heard the wirring of the supercharger after we accellerated.

Gamite 10-15-2002 08:43 AM

Was the CAR black?

djcontra 10-15-2002 10:25 AM


Originally posted by Gamite
Was the CAR black?
yeah it was!
do you know this car?
you should tell him to aim down his foglights more, they were more blinding than hid's but with less light output on the road cause it was in my eyes instead!

bart320i 10-16-2002 09:07 AM

probably the STP Grand Prix. They're supercharged in stock trim and they are fast. We have them as company cars. They only come in automatic but the guy probably had the rev limiter taken out and did a neutral drop. Way faster than my car on take off even if I have a good launch

Gamite 10-16-2002 12:13 PM

nono, I dont know him, but I encountered something like that.. I was driving beside it, and I figured it was just some regular Grand Prix, but then I heard the whirrr of the supercharger!

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