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FastM3 10-06-2002 02:21 PM

is 1 10'' sub good enough???
do you think 1 10'' sub is good enough for my car...or will it sound like car is 4 door too

BMW BMXer 10-06-2002 02:26 PM

depends on what sub what box what amp

and what you listen too

persoanlly If I was going to go with 1 sub it would be a 12

MP328 10-06-2002 03:24 PM

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i have one 12" and an amp and the speakers and deck i left just like they are. i didn't wanna go to any shows or anything just enough to feel the base in the seets. and i think it is good enough.

FastM3 10-06-2002 04:01 PM

the sub is a 1 10'' sony explode, it's in the actual xplode box too...

FastM3 10-06-2002 04:03 PM

oh yea...i listen to rap and dance mostly, but i don't want an award winning system.....all i need is something for you to feel the base throughout the car....when i put a good rap cd in the car i can feel the base on your feet and that on stock something just a little bit stronger is perfect, thats why i was thinking one sub

Foc us 10-06-2002 04:08 PM

1 sub might not be enough for you especially the sony ones, you might think of getting the cerwin vege "vega" series sub if you want cheap woofers, plus the amp will be important too. Don't trust the "advertised" watts. You have to find out how many RMS @ what herts plus the sleu rate while playing or else it might sound crappy!

M50E30 10-06-2002 04:13 PM

For the E30's a custom ported box would be the best without sacraficing the structural integrity of the metal plate between the back seat and the trunk.

Have the box up against the bottom of the rear deck and have a port made in the deck. This will reflect the bass off the rear window into the cabin. And it also keeps the trunk space open! If you want rear speakers just use a small set of 5 1/4" for rear fill and run them off the deck (don't over power them 'cause it will over power the fronts and ruin the "imaging").


325Ryan 10-06-2002 04:54 PM

the box is more important then the number of subs. ie is the box well matched to the speaker.

my advice would be to buy a one peice setup. They have a bunch at future shop or a&b sound. some even have amps built into the box.

Then u will know everything is well matched. My brother has 1 10" in his 4dr and it works great. Cheaper too and easier to install

Kal 10-06-2002 05:10 PM

I find that rarely people stay with one sub....they might start off with one but they usually upgrade to two...if i were u i would go for two subs and a nice amp...that's all u need...what kind of amp do u have right now??

one might be okay but i'm sure you are gonna want two in the near future...just my 0.2 cents


BMW BMXer 10-06-2002 05:35 PM

ya e30s steal bass due to that metal sheet

Im running 2 mtx 10's in MTX boxes powered by a 2 channel 600w (250 rms per channel) they pound pretty good but I wanna upgrade eventually, Infinity refrence fronts and a JVC deck its alright, I need an amp for my mids.

I also do not have rear speakers So sound travels through were the rear speakers were

From what I have heard I am not really impressed wit xplods there not horrible by any means but I think your paying to much for the word "sony". But since you are getting (or have) the xplod box with the xplod combined with the right amp they will sound as best as you could get em, cause in theroy sony should build an excellent box for there own subs...

Lil'Smoothie 10-06-2002 08:04 PM

I've got one 10' inch sub powered by a 2oo watt amp. i have yet to get a box for it.

i dont care much for bass, a little thump is good enuff for me

I did however replacee front and rears with rockford 5 1/4 speakers and tweeters. I ampedd em with a kenwood 320W 4 channel amp. I have yet todo the install cuz i need a deck but I think a 10' is more more than enuff, if you dont like a lotta base

I hear alotta guys who do 2, 12's but keep the stock speakers and all you hear is base when ur riding and no sound

Mr seville 10-06-2002 08:21 PM

i have a suggestion.... how bout you place the subwoffer under your back seat i've seen this done on a 5er before:huh?:

Foc us 10-06-2002 09:09 PM


Originally posted by Mr 318ti
i have a suggestion.... how bout you place the subwoffer under your back seat i've seen this done on a 5er before:huh?:
If you're planning on doing that, it depends on if you got clearence underneath your seat, if there's no clearence, he'll need to go to a shop with plasma cutter and weld a custom box underneath his floor plan, I think it'll be a bit too extreme for a lot of people even though that will be the most direct source of bass......*mw*

BMW_M52_M20 10-07-2002 09:26 PM

Oh yeah, I think for my taste anyway. I had a Planet Audio amp 320W, and a 10" Pioneer IMPP sub and that was enough. The big difference though is in what kind of box/enclosure you get. I had a bandpass box because I love the deep low notes. This box probably gives the most bass for you buck. Other wise, I would suggest doing a dual 10" sub system in a sealed box, my friend has one in his acura el, and it sounds crisp.

FastM3 10-09-2002 03:43 PM

you guys are scaring me now with that metal plate let's say i get a system how should i place speakers facing out towards the outside of the trunk??? or do i have to do something with that plate??? *uzi* :huh?:

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