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Gamite 10-18-2005 02:30 AM

Winter Tire buying guide
Well, looks like i'm going to be buying winter tires soon, so I'm gonna ask you guys what you guys use for winters and how much you got them for.

I currently have cheapies on my dad's 535.

Brand: Cooper Weathermasteres
Tire Size: 225 60 R 15
Price: $360 installed
Seasons used: 3 winters 2 summers (don't ask)
Location purchased: Tire World in Bramption

Comments: I doubt they're the best tires on the market, but they definately served their purpose. The tires still have significant tread on them, but they're losing their snow traction.

Hound 10-18-2005 03:19 AM

Brand: Dunlop Sport SP M3 runflats (not sure about the M3 on there but the rest is right)
Tire Size: i forget what they are if i remember they are 235 45 R 17
Price: came with rims from BMW $5000 installed
Seasons used: 1 winter
Location purchased: Budds BMW oakville, they are the winter tire an rim pkg for the car.

Comments: they are great tire's and recommend them to anyone, they have great traction on the snow and ice and for the highway even when it's not snowy towards the end of the winter they are very smooth and are quiet up to about 180-190km/h. very nice tire and rim pkg from BMW. only stupid thing is that they are the runflat version of the tire. i didnt even know they made runflat winters till i got em lol. the rims are nice too, they are the stock 530i 17" non sport pkg rims, 5 spoke my fav.

Darkness95m3 10-18-2005 08:47 AM

Michelin Blizak Winter & Snow 235 45 R 17 $2500
I always use them on my cars for winter. Never got stuck. Better traction then front wheel drive cars in the winter, comapred to our previous winter cars.

propr'one 10-18-2005 12:04 PM

alright what if i want to spend like 500$, not 2500$.

what's best bang/buck

M3ti Compact 10-18-2005 12:17 PM

Holy crap, all you guys are using 235's for winter tires! Narrower tires are better in snow than fat ones!

Gamite 10-18-2005 12:19 PM

stock size (so far only 5er's replied)

Please help this list and post your winters.

///MAC 10-18-2005 03:06 PM

500 installed for my audi, best winter tire ever...

Mystikal 10-18-2005 03:39 PM

Brand: Nokian Hakkapellita NRW
Size 195/65/14 (on Fittipaldi alloys)
Price: $300 installed or something like that
Seasons Used: 5
Location Purchased: Wheels Direct

They're useless now, they still have tread but the wet traction is non-existent. Going with the new H-rated Nokians or T-rated Kumho KW17's for this winter. The first 4 winters they were amazing though, even in the dry. Great tires.

Brand: Pirelli 210 Snowsports & Eurowin something or other
Size 195/65/15 & 205/60/15 (on OEM steelies)
Price: $450 installed with the wheels
Seasons Used: 4
Location Purchased: Wheels Direct

We bought the 4 new wheels and tires in 01/02 when we got the car, but thanks to some drifting fun two of the rear Pirellis had worn down to the bars at the end of last winter. Due to a late decision to buy new ones, I couldn't get any Pirelli, Yokohama, Kumho, or anything else in time. I ended up trying these Eurowin things which are also H-rated and have almost the exact same tread pattern the Pirellis. They feel very similar, with slightly softer sidewalls. Overall though, the 210 Snowsports are the best winter tires I have ever experienced. Too bad they don't go down to 14" for my winter wheels.

jeffrie 10-19-2005 08:26 PM


Originally Posted by proprone
alright what if i want to spend like 500$, not 2500$.

what's best bang/buck

Yokahoma Ice Guard, cheap & great plus they don't break belt's like my old Blizzaks used to every year. 400 installed at a not so cheap gerage.

windwagen 10-19-2005 10:19 PM

Hankook W400 - 235/45-17

By the time I decided to buy snows, there was little choice left. The price was right too- $600 installed. After 2 winters, there's still 50% left, and I really can't complain about the performance. Unbelievable difference compared to the all seasons, even in light snow. You can still outdrag front drivers with snows too, albeit only by a little. Changing lanes through slush at 130kph - no problem (at least with traction control on).

I recommend them.

Mystikal 10-19-2005 11:08 PM


Originally Posted by proprone
alright what if i want to spend like 500$, not 2500$.

what's best bang/buck

Kumho KW11/KW17.

dtthiaga 10-22-2005 11:30 AM

8 Years of running snows
I've been running snow tires for about 8 years now. Here's what I've used and my comments; take them for what they are. I won't go back to running all-seasons in the winter.

For my old 97 BMW
Model: Michelin Arctic Alpine
Cost: Don't Remember (package deal)
Size: 205/55/16
Purchased: Dealer
Liked/Disliked: Loved them
Would Purchase Again?: Yes
Comments: These tires were amazing. They were quiet, offered sidewall stability and were good in the snow. I commute on the 401 and they worked well. They are pricey though. Great tire!!!!

For 2002 325i:
Model: Nordic Ice Trac
Cost: $245 (got them at dealer cost. 1/2 price each) Taxes in. Installed later.
Size: 205/55/16
Purchased: Canadian Tire
Liked/Disliked: Like Them
Would Purchase Again?: Yes
Using Tires This Winter: Yes
Comments: Even for the regular price, I really like them. At half off, I had nothing to loose and was pleasantly surprised. They are not as good as my Michelin Arctic Alpine's, but are still good. I only drove them the first year, and have stored the car since in the winter. The tires though were great in the deep snow and ice. On the 407, while cars were spinning into the ditch (3 in front of me), I was able to brake and continue going straight. They are quiet and offer fairly good sidewall strength for snow tires. Tread pattern is almost like the Michelin's. They are on sale right now! . With my recent reliability issues with my e46, I'm probably going to get a Lexus IS in the spring, so I'll be running the BMW with these tires this winter. Nordic Ice Trac

For 2003 Honda Accord
Model: Nordic Ice Trac
Cost: $363.40 (On Sale Price) Taxes In. Install elsewhere.
Size: 205/65-15
Purchased: Canadian Tire
Liked/Disliked: Like Them
Would Purchase Again?: Yes
Using Tires This Winter: Yes
Comments: I liked the tires so much from the e46 BMW, that I bought them for the Accord as well a year later. For the price, they are pretty good. One word of caution, they seem to be better on the rear wheel drive car than the front wheel drive car. That could be the car itself, or the stability control. Never got stuck with them. No issues with the tires. Nordic Ice Trac

For Winter Beaters [ 96 Grand Am ]
Model: Kumho KW11
Cost: $280.60 Taxes In. Installed. All 4.
Size: 195/65-15
Purchased: Cheap Thrills (Milton)
Liked/Disliked: Liked Somewhat
Would Purchase Again?: Yes
Using Tires This Winter: Got a 2001 Intrepid for the Winter. Will probably put the Kumho KW19 or the Nordic Ice Trac’s again.
Comments: These were very cheap tires, but they were awesome for this car. I wouldn't put this model of tire on a BMW, but a front wheel drive cheap car, for sure! Last December, when we had tons of snow, where cars were getting stuck, I just kept plowing through the snow. Snow was flying off my headlights and hood, and the car would not get stuck. Even with the tires half buried in snow, the car was unstoppable. I even tried to get the car stuck, and still managed to get out. :) When it did snow, I would take the car out just to have some fun. Often, I would take back roads instead of regular streets because I wanted to stay away from other drivers; but I knew with caution, I had loads of traction.

2002 Oldsmobile
Model: Kumho KW11
Cost: Under $350 I think.
Size: 205/65-15
Purchased: Cheap Thrills (Milton)
Liked/Disliked: Liked Somewhat
Would Purchase Again?: Yes
Using Tires This Winter: No. Car is going away.
Comments: The same deal as above. These tires were so much better and safer than the factory Goodyear all seasons that came with the car.

I've used the same Kumho or similar tire on the following winter cars as well with good success over the past 4 years.
- 96 Accent
- 94 Honda Accord
- 89 Plymoth Accliam

spooner_dee 10-23-2005 05:01 PM

Not sure if you have them in Canada, i dont know why you would'nt, but all my friends buy Glacier Grips as snow tires for their stock rims, Heavy duty snow tires that never give out. Im currently running Bf Goodrich Traction T/a all season tires, ive used them the last few winters on all my cars, the are amazing for all season tires and dont cost a bundle. There grip in dry conditions is superior, and when it rains or snows they dont fail me. for the traction T/a's i pay about 50ish per tire.

Gamite 10-24-2005 11:50 AM

great write up dtthiaga

paul_animo 10-26-2005 09:03 PM

Model: Toyo GO2 Plus
Purchased: Wheels Direct
Price: $500 installed
Comments: These tires are amazing, i used it for my beater('92 civic). Just always remember, you get what you pay for..

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