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oldskool3 10-02-2005 08:45 PM

Anybody seen this yet? Dave and bro crash
Saw it while checking the e21 forum at bimmerforums. Apparently someone hit Adam who than hit Dave while they were at bav auto show in Conneticut. Scroll half way down the page for a pic of Adams damage. Hope they are ok and dont mind me posting this. The guys said nothing about any damage to them just there cars.

chromius 10-02-2005 09:31 PM

I can't beleive how fast this spread already....Dave and Adam arn't even home yet.
Rob and I are still down here in Maine for the night, Dave and Adam left a few minutes ago to drive home. And yes it's true, but no one hit Adam from behind. I was driving behind Adam when it happend, so no-one drove into him. It was a complete accident and could have happend to the best of us. It was a slow hit comming up to a yellow light, and some quick braking on Dave's part to stop for the light, and some distracting scenery led to the hit.

It was only about 10-15 mph, but the damage was extensive, and While I watched this unfold in front of my eyes it was like it happend in slow motion. It really hurt to see.

You guys wouldn't beleive was just a bad day all together.

I will let Dave and Adam elaborate on the story.

Other than that, it was a good trip and an amazing turnout at the show. I will post pics later.

I also think props should go out to both Adam and Dave, for being true enthusiasts, and actually continuing on and entering into the show, where they received some of the most attention of the day, thanks to their amazing if not sad story of the road trip to Bav Auto.

But for now let us bow our heads for our two fallen bimmers. I think both should be repairable though.

oldskool3 10-02-2005 09:56 PM

:( Glad to they are ok. Hope everything works out alright. At least the Ottawa BMW's got a lilttle bit of recognition and fame at the show. *shiner*

Bob Loblaw 10-02-2005 10:12 PM

Man, that's too bad... The thread title scared the crap out of me. I'm really glad they're okay.

paul christians 10-03-2005 12:57 AM

Man that does suck. But the main thing is you guys are alright.

Justin e36 10-03-2005 05:50 AM

ouch.. I hope all is well with them, and they do repair their cars.

This one is going to need a new fender, bumper, bumper shock, nose panel, headlight, turn signal, and rad support (or the old one looks like it can be bent back into shape. Possibly a new hood too.. can't see from the pic. damn!

Lee in Ottawa 10-03-2005 07:10 AM

Dave and Adam your bimmers are in our hearts. Praying for a full recovery

jeffrie 10-03-2005 07:11 AM

Well this super sucks.
Damage on Adams isn't so bad mostly bolt on parts that got smashed. Nothing $$$ can't fix.
Dave's E30 ...... Not much just bolts on the rear of them, hope his bumper took most of the damage for his sake.

Nascar318is 10-03-2005 01:57 PM

Holy Crap man, that F*ing sucks..especially it happening in the states....Glad to hear you guys are ok talk about bad luck....I almost went down....Could have happened to anybody.....

Am I blind but I didn't see any pics of Dave's car...

Lee in Ottawa 10-03-2005 02:43 PM

the guy had no pics of Dave's car. He just said it was worse.

johnoz 10-03-2005 03:04 PM


bmdoubleya 10-03-2005 06:16 PM

Long story.! One of us will tell it. We just got back @ 9am today took 13 hours to get back. Had a few more close calls and of course got pulled over alot. :puke:

Bob Loblaw 10-03-2005 06:28 PM

Dammit. That's gonna be expensive, IF it's worth repairing...

jeffrie 10-03-2005 06:47 PM

Dave's car is fu*ked *sad*.

aziz 10-04-2005 09:31 AM


glad to know you guys are ok!

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