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Marita 01-17-2002 07:11 PM

Worse thing I ever experienced...
on my way to my class today i noticed that right infront of the school is a lot of glass, and white chemical substance on the road...well as soon as i get onto campus my fellow mates comes telling me that someone died last nite while crossing the street...

witness say that a car was going 80-100 mph on a city street at 10PM...and the driver of the car didnt see the pedestrian crossing the street...well the car struck the person and the person flew 25ft and there was blood friend told me he just missed the accident and told me that fellow students attending my school witnessed it and they were puking was so nasty...

when class was canceled today...i drove by the scene again...and i got chills up my spine...i started crying...because i remember that a girl got killed when she was in the pedestrian walk and she was strucked by a car...

when something like this happens...everything i witnessed comes back...i saw a kid get strucked by a mini van and the driver of the van walked out of the car like nothing...

i myself got hit by a car 3 times...and im just really really scared...

Bliss 01-17-2002 08:22 PM

Really sad:( people should think before they drive too fast, esp in an area where there are cross-walks.

Kaisake 01-18-2002 12:55 AM

When I was 11, I saw a kid drown (I was in the pool too) at my apartment complex pool (daresay I never went swimming in there again!). :eek: Tried to call for help, but it was too late. Kid had noodles for lunch; how do I know you ask? Well... when CPR was being performed he had a reflex and he regurgitated noodles. You ask what was in the noodles? Well... just imagine... Anyways, I also saw this woman who got killed when a jet ski hit her. Hmm... that's all that come to mind right now. O yeah, saw a young school kid get hit by a van going downhill past his school... He was going to die for sure, since when he stood up he was puking blood, you could tell he had massive internal bleeding. :(

AzN_E46 01-18-2002 10:58 PM

thankfully, i am only 12, so i havent seen much of this sad stuff.
worst i saw was a car hittin this dog:(

Justin 01-20-2002 03:31 PM

I used to live along a busy road, and one day a pickup truck pulled out right in front of a big cargo van with 11 people in it. The van slammed on the brakes. It was too late, the van hit the truck. It wasn't real bad, until the 18 wheeler behind the van hit them. The pickup truck flew into the other lane. The 18 wheeler ran the van over, just drove right over it. It was stuck underneath the tractor part of the 18 wheeler, they slid down the road probably 100 yards. 9 of the people died, and I was watching as the pulled them out 1 by 1, and put them in body bags. It was the worst thing I've ever seen. I wish I wouldn't have been so curious as to what the loud sound was and just kept doing what I was doing, then I never would have seen it.


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