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windwagen 08-30-2005 01:57 AM

V8 vs Cat
Ok, It's not a car race, but a clean kill anyway.

I spent a week at a cottage rental in Sundridge a couple of weeks ago. After a few days of scorching sun, awesome beach and shallow water, perfect for the kids, I notice some heavy whitecap action a few hundred meters off shore. 2 of the 3 kids were napping, so I take my opportunity to rig up my Windsurfer. The board is a 130l Mistral Echo, and my sail is a 9.4m2 Neil Pryde V8 Streetracer (appropriately named). So I blasted around for a couple of hours by myself, doing some chop hops, but with no other windsurfers around, no one to race.

Finally, I see someone on shore launching something with a big blue sail. I get closer and see it's a Hobie Cat catamaran. Maybe a 17 footer? I try to get in position to line up for a race, but the sailors look like they are not interested. I head out again and decide to turn and head in. As I complete the tack (turn around into the wind), I see the Hobie Cat was right behind me and is now smoking right past! Dayam! I pull another quick tack and give chase. The wind is quite strong, so I am planing in no time, but the Hobie Cat is already 500 m away! I've never raced a Hobie Cat before. I think they are fast, but Windsurfers are quick too. It takes a while but I am clearly gaining. I figure to close this deal, I should pass the cat fairly close, but I can't get close, although I am still approaching...those bastards, they see me coming and are heading downwind in an attempt to pick up more speed. Eventually, I do manage to pass them before running out of lake. But they have taken me so far downwind, I have to work hard to sail upwind back to the cottage.

I think I need one of those Hobie Cats for the kids. Can I get a trailer hitch for a 540??

Paul540/m3 09-10-2005 08:38 AM

Hobie's are stupid fast, I've been on them a couple times before although my primary means of sailing is Lasers.

Nice kill LOL

windwagen 09-10-2005 08:33 PM

I think the Hobie sailors made a bad strategic error. They should have went upwind to pinch me off. I think the Hobie's upwind speed is better than the Windsurfer. On a broad reach though, the Hobie is toast.

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