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Hibbing 03-27-2005 08:22 AM

Totem Signature 1 Speakers
Pair of Totem Signature 1 speakers in mahogany for sale. Original boxes. Excellent sounding with a huge soundstage.
The Model 1 Signature is a serious evolutionary step above its sibling the regular Model 1.

The Signatures have a greater ability to capture midrange subtlety, dynamics and proper timbre without overloading. Stirring and accurate bass response along with pinpoint imaging allow the Model 1 Signatures to completely disappear. Midrange reproduction is clearer and more holographically stable, even under huge dynamic swings. Their exemplary harmonic extension will keep you enthralled.

External changes allow bi-wiring via an extra set of exotic W.B.T. terminals. A medallion on the back identifies them as Signature units. Internally, wire mettalurgy was further optimized and specifically designed for the Model 1 Signature. The normal fabulous crossover work that is present in all Totem models is brought to an extreme art form in the Model 1 Signature. No expense or developement cost was spared in obtaining the most exotic and musically pleasing componentry.

Discover why the Model 1 Signature remains a world reference for monitors.

We at Totem are of the opinion that specifications are not the key to real life musical reproduction. Our speakers breathe real life and space into any reproduced music. Totem “Model One” speakers will bring you superior spatial representation, rhythm, ambiance, coherence, tonality and bass response.

We believe a no compromise approach, exhaustive and innovative research, loving care and dedication bring to the music lover a finished product unique in terms of quality, aesthetics, value and most importantly musicality.

Experience them not only through your ears but with all your body and senses…

• Internal and external wood veneering
• Multilayer borosilicate damping
• Full plane crossbrace for extreme rigidity and increased damping
• Lock miter cabinet joints
• Æsthetic and acoustical finish
• W.B.T. terminals
• No compromise drivers, wiring and crossover parts
Extremely well reviewed.


daytona 03-27-2005 12:53 PM

great speakers,I perfer the Sonus Fabers though....or the Acoustic Energy Ae1...try its a Canadian audio site...beware though alot of low me.....

golden 03-27-2005 04:42 PM

great speakers!

M333ee 04-14-2005 10:54 AM


You have some great audio equipment for sale. Where do you get them all???

Do you have any 2channel amps?

Hibbing 04-14-2005 10:58 AM

I upgrade a lot. Right now I really only am concentrating on multichannel.

M333ee 04-14-2005 11:04 AM

What sub (subs) are you using?
I'm looking at a Velodyne DD-15 if I can sell my Paradigm Servo-15.

Hibbing 04-14-2005 11:08 AM

Running a Servo 15 as well. What colour is yours and how much? I wouldn't mind running 2 with my Veritas.

M333ee 04-14-2005 11:27 AM

It's black ash. *th-up*

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