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Gato 10-30-2004 04:09 AM

Which M5 is your favorite and why?
Hey guys, I just want to see which M5 is the most popular. Please explain your reasoning.

BTW: My choice is the E34 M5. It's the best all around package in performance, handling, quality, styling and comfort.

Bavaria 10-30-2004 09:54 AM

E39 makes me wanna hunmp it.
that is all

Paul540/m3 10-30-2004 02:07 PM


Originally Posted by Bavaria
E39 makes me wanna hunmp it.
that is all

nicely put

openwheel 10-30-2004 02:31 PM

The Original M5 is the perfect car. I love the look, and the fact it only came in all the better

Understated 10-30-2004 03:49 PM

e60 *mw*

AMG_POWER 10-30-2004 05:26 PM

E39 and E60

and i like E30 and E46 M POWA!

FastM3 10-31-2004 11:35 AM

up until they released the E60, the E39 was always best. But now it's second best.

85eta 10-31-2004 12:26 PM

I chose the e34 M5. Reasons are because I love the classic styling, and even though the e39 is gorgeous, and faster, I still favour BMW's 6cyl motor.
Call me crazy, but that's just me!

bmwm5lover 10-31-2004 12:37 PM

Asking me this question is like putting 4 UNBELIEVABLY HOT quadriplets, and asking me which one i wanna screw. My answer- ALL OF THEM.

M50E30 10-31-2004 12:49 PM

E39 w/ Dinan exhaust hands down!


Axxe 10-31-2004 01:43 PM

E39 M5 = Epitome of speed, style and comfort.

Ted in T.O. 10-31-2004 04:55 PM

Weight to horsepower ratio is the best.Lighter and stiffer = more fun to drive as opposed to cushy ride and power.86 Euro M535i

windwagen 10-31-2004 09:55 PM


500/500 need I say more?

Quack 11-01-2004 09:58 AM

E39 nice styling, interior very comfortable, the E60 looks funny & the interior is so cheap because the mass amount of plastic used

GEEE$ 11-01-2004 03:43 PM

E34 is the sexiest, 4-door ever produced from any company. In 30 years, it will still scream class. *th-up*

The E28 is just behind it, while the E39 sits an easy 3rd, and the E60 is dead last.

The E39 & E60 may have tonnes more ooomph, but anyone who has driven all 4 will probably say the E28 or E34 is by far a superior 'driver's car'. You just cannot get the same feel from the newer, more refined examples from the last generation of models...

It's like the E30 M3/E36 M3/E46 M3's clear which one is the classic driver's car. E30 M3 all the way. It's a favorite amongst all, or should be for people who have actually driven them.


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