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johnoz 08-19-2004 05:04 PM

Not my site but this dude's pics are awesome
Go back to his archieves and see them yourselves.

Understated 08-19-2004 05:05 PM

Whoa thats sick

johnoz 08-19-2004 05:08 PM

Seen this one?

or this

Understated 08-19-2004 06:04 PM

Dayum...thats sweet

Quack 08-19-2004 07:43 PM

definitely an artist at work, pretty damn handy with a cam

cwiniarz 08-20-2004 01:08 AM

that guy has some skills, i really like the one of the beetle

ZiMMie 08-20-2004 01:10 AM

holley shit this guy its amazin where is devilownz :D
this is my favorite

well there is more than this one :)

Bob Loblaw 08-20-2004 08:21 AM

Yes, he's very good. He's got a good eye for interesting subject matters. And he's a Toronto guy too.

Manimillion 08-20-2004 08:28 AM

I'm right here drooling over his pictures :)

Very good indeed, thanks for sharing!

johnoz 08-20-2004 09:29 AM

Maan look at these:

Mystikal 08-20-2004 10:43 AM

This one trips me the hell out:

Gamite 08-20-2004 10:48 AM

look at this one..

HIM 08-20-2004 07:46 PM

simply amazing shots

Manimillion 08-20-2004 09:19 PM

crusher 08-20-2004 10:25 PM

wow ya saw this site before.. just simply amazing

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