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Kal 07-15-2004 04:55 PM


Alright bramptonions ... we've been wanting to link up for awhile now so lets have a meet.

We'll hook up at Tim Hortons at Shoppers World and go from there.

I say we link up Friday, July 16 (which is tomorrow) and then drive down to the regular meet that is held at DQ in woodbridge or where ever it is.

Let me know who's in.

Jon@Bimmersport 07-15-2004 05:51 PM

anyone brown guys from sauga going?....rohit?

Gurvinder 07-15-2004 06:33 PM

yea im down for brampton

Kal 07-15-2004 08:28 PM

so lets do it up .. we have to get more of response.. i know its too late of a notice though.

Where's chahalz? hopefully he's in too.

ChahalzBMR 07-15-2004 08:29 PM

Count me in too.....what time at tim hortons?

Soldo 07-15-2004 08:34 PM

hahaha, would i ever feel outta place!!

ChahalzBMR 07-15-2004 08:36 PM

just get a tan before the meet...just joking! come out...u still got the 6000k hid in your lights?

Kal 07-15-2004 08:40 PM

soldo, come out for sure.. i have to ask you for a favour.

Lets link up at timmies around 8:00pm. We'll cruise from there to the normal meeting place up in woodbridge or where ever it is.

T.Dot_E30 07-15-2004 10:10 PM

remember no one shows up at 9pm, atleast the time i was there at 9.

So maybe plan to come a bit later

1BADBMR 07-15-2004 11:05 PM

I'm in (weather permitting)

Its true what TrEvOrLiCioS said. I say we meet up a bit later.
(I get off work @ 7:30:mad: )

Gurvinder 07-16-2004 12:35 AM

make it a bit later

Kal 07-16-2004 02:01 AM

8:30 then...

Soldo 07-16-2004 02:22 AM

I'll try to make it, i got a serious repair that MUST be finished tomorrow asap so if i can get it done in time, i'm there!

Jon@Bimmersport 07-16-2004 08:53 AM

im the odd brown guy, stuck in sauga..without a ride. lol

ill see u all at the meet i guess.

ChahalzBMR 07-16-2004 09:13 AM


Originally posted by Kal
Where's chahalz? hopefully he's in too.
I'm here...I'll be there at 8:30pm.*th-up*
But I can only stay for a while (can't go to the other meeting place) because I have to pick up my wife from my in-law's house *mumble*

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