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openwheel 05-26-2004 08:42 PM

Headlight Removal?
I need some help. I just got a new set of headlights and I want to install them. I just have no idea how to get the grills out. some places are saying that the whole grill assembly needs to come out to get at the adjustment screws. Is this right. was not much of a help, or the unofficial BMW website. Any help out there for a brother in need.

BTW - 1994 540i is the car they are going into.


Bruno 05-26-2004 10:17 PM

You need to pull the kidney metal grill out, then you will be able to access the headlights. You will also need to pull the plastic covering (5 screws if I remember well).

Pretty easy job.

Mystikal 05-26-2004 10:26 PM

If it's like the E30 (and most things are with these 2 cars), there are 2 screws for each side grill, both near the bottom and at opposite ends. There should also be a few clips clamping the grill on under the hood, pull those off with a needle nose.

SebSter 05-26-2004 11:21 PM

jay, its a bit more complicated than the e30, we had to do it on my dad's car.. the center grill runs along the whole bottom, and you have to take that off to get at the screws holding the plastic grills on...

i think thats it, just be careful taking the center grill out, use a thin screwdriver and pry it out gently from what i remember, i dont think its held in place by any screws

Gamite 05-27-2004 03:06 AM

the easiest way to get the grill out, is to take a flat head, and pry on the side to pop the plastic holding it. (remember to put a towel around it to prevent scratching)

Once each side is out, unscrew the top screw near the kidneys, there are 4 more plastic holders, two accessable through the kidneys, and two just beneath the hood.

If you want help, PM me, I can show you where all the screws are. BTW, getting at the screws behind the headlights are a PITA. :)

openwheel 06-02-2004 10:39 PM

OK, so I got the grill out, and I found the 4 plastic clips, But I am stuck trying the clips under the low beam headlight. I got one side but the 2nd side does not want to come out.

openwheel 06-03-2004 03:18 AM

Its OK, I got it, I just needed a larger screw driver. Now, the wiring is next.

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