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spankerdan 05-09-2004 09:32 AM

some fool
i was crusing last night with some mates and this guy pulls up next to me in an E36 318i, i was checking out his car and i was liking it alot and the next minute he starts reving the crap outta his engine wanting to race me. The stupid thing was that we were in bumper to bumper traffic and there was nowhere to go

i was very dissapointed that such a stupid idot should own such a nice BMW and drive it like he didnt care about it. :mad: :mad: *uzi*

Understated 05-09-2004 04:52 PM


niko_gt 05-09-2004 07:17 PM

is there a valid point or moral of the story to this question or statement or whatever it is?

Lennon 05-09-2004 08:18 PM kidding, I'm not even gonna vote, I don't get it.

crusher 05-10-2004 12:26 AM

welcome to reality. there's tons of ppl like that heh

sirex 05-10-2004 03:47 AM

whats going on?

i here cocaine is a powerful drug

felixthecat 05-10-2004 06:45 PM

cocaine is a hell of a drug*par-t*

spankerdan 05-11-2004 08:41 AM

wats to understand there was a guy trying to race me in bumper to bunper traffic, wat a loser

ROCKETMAN 05-13-2004 12:50 AM

We understood the situation, just there is no question. What are we answering to?

teddy317 05-13-2004 05:51 AM

ya what is all about?

Slowered318 05-13-2004 06:08 AM

sounds like he could be a future "CRACKED HEAD"

Trogdor 05-14-2004 05:16 AM

sure he wanted to race? maybe just showing the awesome power of a 318 :D

Trogdor 05-14-2004 05:21 AM

by the way, this is the stupidest poll ever.

SebSter 05-14-2004 06:30 AM


Originally posted by Slowered318
sounds like he could be a future "CRACKED HEAD"

you win the clever award ;)

Slowered318 05-14-2004 05:51 PM


Originally posted by SebSter
you win the clever award ;)

tanks Mr. :)

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