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Gamite 06-06-2002 03:49 AM

What company should I buy a headunit from?
I got around $600 to spend.

You dont have to take the last few seriously, really. :D

Gurl Bmw 06-06-2002 10:16 AM

Hmmm... I would go with Clarion or Kenwood....

BMW_M52_M20 06-06-2002 03:00 PM

Nakamchi (sp?) is probably one of the most OEM looking aftermarket unit that is really nice.
If you don't want a stock look, I would seriously consider a Pioneer Deck. I had a DEH-7300 Pioneer deck and I loved all the great little options it had on it. It look really cool at night as well!:D
Ciao, good luck

Gamite 06-07-2002 03:01 AM

Thanks for all your opinons, although most people voted and didnt reply.

The Due 06-07-2002 01:38 PM

I would highly reccomend the nakamichi head units, Gamite. They look oem, have perfectly matched amber backlights, are excellent quality, and have a 6 disc in dash changer (no cartridge). If you have some space in your dash there is an adapter (looks similar but with less buttons) that lets you put another 6 discs in. Can't beat stock look, good quality, and 12 disc in dash capability.
I've seen ones on ebay for around $400, Ill get you the model #'s if your interested.

SickFinga 06-07-2002 06:01 PM

Nakamichi is nice but way overpriced.
Sony? Just don;t waste your money, Sony is great but not in car audio
Pioneer is good, also take a look at Premier
Alpine is good
Panasonic is good, but only top models and they make best DVD + SCREEN decks

JVC, Kenwood honestly I wouldn't install that.

bimmersport 06-07-2002 09:51 PM


Originally posted by SickFinga
... Kenwood honestly I wouldn't install that.

I had almost everything KENWOOD in ALEXA and it sounded wicked...ask anybody who heard it...*th-up*
The only problem I'd ever had with that system was the PIONEER amp!

SickFinga 06-07-2002 09:55 PM

I just don't like Kenwood. Maybe it was good, I just post my opinion.
Pioneer just makes good deck, I wouldn't use Pioneer subs, amps or speakers

bimmersport 06-07-2002 10:07 PM

I agree with you Vlad, Pioneer makes a good deck but I prefer the Kenwood cause it fits flush on a BMW dash;) . I think the Pioneer deck sticks out too far.

DaveM3 06-08-2002 04:02 PM

Kenmore Baby!!!

I had a good experience with Kenwood and Pioneer... So either one of em should be okay


BLACKKNIGHT 06-09-2002 01:23 AM


I got one and I love it.

BMW BMXer 06-09-2002 01:52 AM

err why would u not install JVC? my KD-LX 50 sounds pretty good, doesn't match a damn thing but sounds good

My vote would be Pioneer, I woulda got that if the JVC was not on sale

1BADBMR 06-09-2002 03:53 PM

Personally I think Pioneer makes the best Head Units. Too bad I can't say the same thing for their speakers. I've just recently picked up the new DEH-P840MP which has the Organic EL display (Crazy screen-savers) and best of all it plays MP3's. Now I only have to carry 3-4 CD's instead of a huge CD wallet.

Foc us 06-11-2002 02:29 AM

Gaymite<====*cough*typo........ Pioneer's powerful but if you want clean sound you can't go wrong with Kenwood, I'm using a Kenwood Head right now and I loved it. For Nakamichi, it's quite expensive and it's not worth the money. Ask me next time when you see me and I'll tell you what's the odds and ends of every company avaliable. If you got the bucks, I'll tell you to go for the Alpine F1 status, it's gonna be the best of the best in the next couple years. Or maybe go for the Sony CDXC90 since the dual burr brown's pretty sweet, depends on your price range.

P.S. Don't even bother go with sanyo and panda sonics, never heard any or 'em winning any major competitions......hmmmm.......

Gamite 06-11-2002 04:35 AM

Thanks guys, I think I have my eyes set on a kenwood since price/performance wise seems good. (Still always open to options if a good deal passes me by of course)

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