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jeremy 04-17-2004 03:12 PM

*for sale* black vaders (m3 seats)
selling the vaders..... need some coin for rims...
paid 1500.00 canadian...
asking 1300.00..
seats have not been installed since they were purchased.....they're sitting in my basement ready to go....
minor marks on back of p/s headrest ($50-100 fix..if you want to even bother..)

from a 99' m3... manual,non heated,black,2 door..

Jase 04-17-2004 08:23 PM

to the top...*th-up*

sloveniaboy 04-17-2004 09:28 PM

ill take em for 850

sloveniaboy 04-17-2004 11:13 PM


audiophile 04-17-2004 11:15 PM

shut up.

just shut up.

and on that note, 900 here.

sloveniaboy 04-17-2004 11:22 PM


Originally posted by audiophile
shut up.

just shut up.

and on that note, 900 here.


jeremy 04-18-2004 02:32 AM

you guy's keep upping eachother... :)

R_JAY 04-18-2004 02:39 AM

Jer, you not gonna put them on ebay?

jeremy 04-18-2004 02:41 AM


Originally posted by R_JAY
Jer, you not gonna put them on ebay?
nope, i REALLY don't wanna ship them, way too much hassle...

Lil'Smoothie 04-18-2004 04:06 AM

dude no offense but you willnever get what you want for them on max

put em up on ebay and make the buyer responsible for shipping and packaging charges

jeremy 04-18-2004 04:58 PM

true true....i might have to do that....

Lil'Smoothie 04-18-2004 06:18 PM

honestly it wouldnt be that big of a deal, the shipping company will come to your place pick the seats up and package them (for a fee) which the buyer will be foreced to pay

this way you will get rid of these seats quick and get fair value for them so you can get some rims *th-up*

sloveniaboy 04-19-2004 12:44 AM

i can see why you would want so much for these seats being that the leather is in such god condition, from what i can see in the pics, but these seats are selling on ebay for way cheaper than what you're selling them for, plus some sellers even throw in the rears as well....

but yea, manual, heated, amazing condition, thats a combination that should get you high bids*th-up*

jeremy 04-19-2004 03:01 AM

if you look closely at the seats on e-bay they usualy aren't in as good condition....the seats on e-bay are always in the states aswell, so you have to remember shipping costs....the seats weigh around 60-70lbs each, plus they are large....then you will have duties and brokerage on top of that....

jeremy 04-19-2004 05:18 PM


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