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MBeacher 04-10-2004 11:29 PM

Newest mods - Supertrapp & ECIS
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Hey all,

Bought these couple of items (used) a few weeks ago for my 98 M Roadster.

SuperTtrapp cat-back exhaust
ECIS intake system

They have been installed for a couple of weeks now but I have finally gotten around to getting a few pics and some sound files.

Never heard of SuperTrapp? Not surprised since they are more well known for their motorcycle mufflers, but they do make ones for cars as well. The one I installed has 2 - 4" straight pipes (cat-back - so no muffler). A decent description of the entire system can be found on in the article:

"The SuperTrapp muffler is basically a "glass pack", where you have an inner tube that has holes and an outer tube that has insulation between the two tubes. Since there is no bends or baffles within the muffler, the gasses are unrestricted to flow toward the end of the pipe....."

I'm not sure what hp gains their might be in using this system but there are 2 other big advantages in my opinion:
1. significant weight saving from the stock system
2. a real race-like sound (this does not sound like a rice boy car!). I do have some sound files, but you must hear it in person to really appreciate it.

Pretty much everyone knows the ECIS systems, so I won't bother talking about that.

Now, my sound files are too large for this forum so I've posted them our roadster website:
- recorded with laptop directly next to the exhaust tips inside my garage just revving in neutral. It gets a bit too load near redline so the sounds becomes distorted.
- recorded with laptop inside the car while inside my garage just revving in neutral.

Ideally I want to get some sound files while driving to get a truer sound, but I need to get a buddy to operate the laptop one day while I'm driving... sometime in the future I guess.


All details for my car:


SpudBoy 04-11-2004 12:45 AM

nice additions... the tunability of the trapps make them interesting*th-up*

crusher 04-11-2004 01:39 AM

nice mods, would love to see em. Your coming to the m coupe cruise right?

MBeacher 04-11-2004 05:04 AM

Yes - I'll be there. Unfortunately though I won't be able to make the Euro meet tomorrow.

MBeacher 04-11-2004 02:27 PM

You are right SpudBoy! I forgot to mention probably the most important advantage of the SuperTrapp which is the fact that it is a tuneable exhaust system which also makes it truly unique. The following points are taken from the SuperTrapp technical bulletin:

1. SuperTrapp is the original tuneable muffler. You can adjust the sound levels to your preference or local noise regulations.
Fewer discs reduce sound levels, more discs increase sound levels.
2. You can easily adjust your power band: fewer discs will tend to increase low-end torque and richens the carbureted fuel
mixture; more discs moves the power band up to give you more top-end power, and leans out the carbureted fuel mixture.

Right now I'm running 8 discs - this is the total # the original owner purchased, but you can buy more (I'm not sure what the max is). I will be experimenting with less discs in the near future to see what the differences are (right now it's quite LOUD and I get a little nervous about attracting the attention of the cops *uzi* ).

For all you car techies, if you really want to know how this system works, check out SuperTrapp's technical bulletin:

thinair 04-13-2004 11:18 AM

I know a guy called Vince that had these on his M car before he sold it. Definately unique to say the least.

MBeacher 04-13-2004 11:04 PM

LOL - He's the guy I bought if from :D

Which made it quite convenient for me to install since he had it customized to fit his car already - which made it a straight bolt-on for me.

crusher 04-14-2004 12:32 AM

ya i was tempted to buy those too and also his coilovers but $$$ is not flowing my way right now *sad*

KIRASIR 04-14-2004 03:49 AM

Let's just say his coilovers work great. :D



Originally posted by crusher
ya i was tempted to buy those too and also his coilovers but $$$ is not flowing my way right now *sad*

MBeacher 04-14-2004 03:52 AM

Ya, i briefly thought about his coilovers too, but I think they probably are overkill for just street use and I couldn't afford to spend another another big wad of cash of them anyway since I was already buying his intake and exhaust.

My next mods will probably be a stress bar and some springs, but not for a while yet. I was thinking Strong Strut for the bar, not sure about which springs.... any recommendations?

X5HogTown 04-14-2004 03:54 AM

Kirasir, will you be joining us on the 18th? Don't see your name on the list.

crusher 04-14-2004 04:12 AM


Originally posted by KIRASIR
Let's just say his coilovers work great. :D


ya man, i saw u posted a reply on teutonic hehe

KIRASIR 04-14-2004 04:16 AM

I have a cheap version of MCoupe - 318ti. :D

Actually 2 of them. On the other hand, with all the money I spent on one of them I could've bought an MCoupe instead. :(



Originally posted by X5HogTown
Kirasir, will you be joining us on the 18th? Don't see your name on the list.

thinair 04-14-2004 05:00 AM


Originally posted by KIRASIR
Let's just say his coilovers work great. :D


So do his M control arms and camber plates :P

KIRASIR 04-14-2004 05:10 AM

We'll see on Sunday. :P


Originally posted by thinair
So do his M control arms and camber plates :P

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