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MP328 05-26-2002 07:09 PM

took some pics today
Well after work i watched the F1 in monaco (i always tape it) and went to wash the car after that.

and after the car wash i went to the park here on lakeshore that's right on lake ontario and took some pics. but they are pretty big

MP328 05-26-2002 07:09 PM


Mr seville 05-26-2002 08:01 PM

very nice.
i would love to have one of those.

ps do you find it hard to drive standard.:huh?:

oktay 05-26-2002 09:37 PM

Wow are those tires bald or you have a sh!tty digital camera?


Nice car regardless.


MP328 05-26-2002 10:12 PM

mr 318 ti:
when i bought the car i didn't know how to drive standard. my dad took it for a test drive i was just a passenger there. but i started driving it from the day when we picked it up and stalled like 20-30 times until i got home that day. but i learned it in the next 5 days. i was just counting how many times i stalled a day in those first 5 days. from 20 a day down to 2 maybe at the end of the first week. now i don't even notice that i got used to it. and it's still the same clutch.

the tires are pretty bald but it is also a cheap camera. they were lest year on the rear wheels that's why they are so bald. i just bought this year 2 new ones and put them again on the rear wheels.

and tnx for the comments :)

'88 325e 05-26-2002 10:26 PM

DUDE! Change those tires! Have you not remembered what happend to SickFinga and MTRD!!! *no-no* They both have had their car in significant accidents (Thank god that they both are alright!) in the rain. Bald tires and water is a huge mistake! I also bet that those guys had new or newer tires on them and they still lost control!


PS - Your car looks great! Lets keep it that way and please get new tires!

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