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328is_Perf 02-21-2004 01:54 AM

Finding Magnet on Window motor....
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ok i had a thread a while ago to figure out my problemm...

now i dont know how to find the magnet ...

Justin e36 said :

1) Remove plug from motor
2) Remove cover from motor
3) There is a small hole going into your door, if you peer inside you'll see a rod... (The shaft).
4) Look lower down on the rod (it's on an angle) and you'll see a little thing attached to it. That is the magnet that fell.
5) Pull/push the magnet back up to the top of the shaft using a paperclip or whatever you have handy that'll fit in the hole... (the hole is around 1" in cirumference)... it will take some effort to move, since it is friction fitted.
6) Plug motor back in and test it out.
7) Put a little bit of glue or contact cement on the shaft below the magnet to prevent it from slipping down again.
8) Put everything back together.

heres what my motor looks like...

Justin e36 02-21-2004 02:54 AM

1 moment.. photoshopping..

Justin e36 02-21-2004 03:03 AM

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*frowns*.. your motor is different than any others that I've seen. But by using logic, can figure out where the magnet is back there.

First, remove the plugs circled in blue. Move them aside to give you room to work.

Second, remove the screws circled in green... you can't see them in the picture, but I'm betting they're on the side. (right side in the pic) DO NOT REMOVE THE SCREWS ALL THE WAY!! (the screws are probably very long, as they'd travel the length of the half-shaft, but very important---don't remove all the way.)

Behind there you'll see the small hole, use a flashlight and you'll see the metal bar in there... down lower you'll see a black thing, pull it up with a tiny screwdriver, strong wire you can bend, etc... push it back up.

Then hold the metal part of the motor and push it back up like you were re-assembling it. (don't screw it back in).. plug it back in, and test it out. If it works.. then glue the magnet in place, and tighten 'er back up.

Let me know how it goes, if you're having difficulty locating the magnet, snap another pic once the metal cover is loosened and opened up and I'll show you.


SickFinga 02-21-2004 04:15 AM


Originally posted by Justin e36
*frowns*.. your motor is different than any others that I've seen.

I got the same motor on my sedan

Justin e36 02-21-2004 04:16 AM

maybe it's a redesign with newer e36's... I haven't ripped open the doors on anything newer than 94's...

328is_Perf 02-21-2004 11:06 PM

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ok door with motor part off ...

328is_Perf 02-21-2004 11:08 PM

i took it off ... the screws were very short... lol

328is_Perf 02-21-2004 11:10 PM

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heres the motor with the shaft... finally we can understand something...

328is_Perf 02-21-2004 11:16 PM

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beautiful... i just hope i can put it back...

i unscrewed it from the gearing.. i didnt apply any hard force

328is_Perf 02-21-2004 11:19 PM

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ok ... hopefully this is what im looking for...

that black ring around the shaft ... it has magnetic properties ... the screwdriver sticks to it...

if thats it... where is the magnet supposed to be??

Justin e36 02-22-2004 02:23 AM

oh man.. that's going to be a bitch to put back on. it's tough to say where it should be without it being inside the door... I know it's supposed to be near the top... so I'm assuming it should be where it is now. You can see the shaft is discoloured around the area it is now, so it's been around there for a while. How far down was the magnet when ou pulled it out?

328is_Perf 02-22-2004 09:22 PM

um.. i tried sliding it (the magnet) ... its hard ... extremely hard to slide it... it didnt even budge..

and the putting it back problem... its no problem... i just took off the motor and the spool and slid it in and placed the plastic spool in... so its back now..

but it still does the stopping thing... and its in 2 spots on the window...

ive greased the tracks the sliders and everything....

any other suggestions?

328is_Perf 02-22-2004 09:23 PM

so basically ive dissassembled that whole motor...

Justin e36 02-22-2004 11:46 PM

... so the magnet was fine then? ... does the butterfly bracket bend when it's moving the window up and down? Does the window still stop if you don't use the one-touch function, but hold the button down the whole way?

328is_Perf 02-23-2004 08:41 PM

um... whatever it was doing i dont know ...

the brackets were fine...

i just greased the one slider and everything else... couldnt quite grease the 2nd window slider because i had no room... so it was still doing the crap...

the next day i greased the other slider and much to my amazement it works! ... i was sooo happy! it perfect now!

the window stopped if i didnt hold the button the whole way down before... but now its not doing anything bad... its all good...

thanks for all the help...

this way i learned how the window mechanism works... YAY

i like doing stuff on my own... i opened my first lawnmower at 12 completely and put it back together and it worked on the first pull!

ive fixed 3 others (serious problems like bent crankshafts and stuff) ... after that... lol

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