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felixthecat 02-19-2004 12:06 PM

bypassed thermostat,318 runs way better
bypassed the thermost and the car runs so much better!i got all my power back!!!!!it doesn't even heat up past the blue zone!!!!!
look out 325s,four floorin' felix gonna dust ya'!

toffa182 02-19-2004 12:15 PM


Originally posted by felixthecat doesn't even heat up past the blue zone!!!!!
hmmm, is that healthy for your engine? :|

felixthecat 02-19-2004 12:22 PM

more engines have died from over heating than over cooling im feels like i got a lot of power back,it used to run at 3/4
and i just bought a new thermostat....?

Slowered318 02-19-2004 01:03 PM

I don't get it...

felixthecat 02-19-2004 01:08 PM

the car has always ran a little hot (in around 3/4)i bypass the thermostat,bleed the system,let it idle for about 30 mins,and go for a rip.i barely put my foot on the pedal and it goes(its not on cold idle either)i put it to the floor it flies,its like a new engine!explain this somebody???????????ive heard that engines sometimes run there best just before they go?

chromius 02-19-2004 02:51 PM

Did you bypass the thermostat all together? or did you just replace it with a new one?

Cuz I don't think it is very healthy for the engine to run cold all the time, the bearings will probably wear out much faster, and it may mess up the O2 sensor/cat converter and charcoal canister. It probably feels better because its running richer than normal. For the O2 sensor to work properly it has to be at a minimum of 600 degrees F

I just replaced my thermostat with an 88 degree one and it sits perfectly at the halfway mark on the gauge...just right.

Slowered318 02-19-2004 03:18 PM

well.. ever since i removed the A/C components and put a new thermostat in.. mine has never exceded the half way mark.. I also bypassed the throttle body heater cause i don't drive it in the winter and that dramatically reduced intake temp. my intake manifold never gets hot... i donno if that's really a good thing but the car seems to have a little more torque after all that stuff.

crazyvadim 02-19-2004 03:20 PM

Was your thermostat stuck closed and you just decided to remove it?? your overcooling cause the coolant is flowing thru your engine constanly,bad idea.Just pick up a new thermostat,they arent that much money.

crazyvadim 02-19-2004 03:33 PM

Bad idea bypassing the thermostat in the winter,it may not reach operating temperature in the cold weather and evantually power and gas mileage will reduce but w/e floats your boat,just use a higher Anti Freeze mix atleast.

BMW BMXer 02-19-2004 03:38 PM

My car never makes it past 1/4 hot.

Well if I am in traffic for like 2hrs then it goes to normal middle op temp.

felixthecat 02-19-2004 10:16 PM

its always been a hot runner,i have a strange feeling it might have something to do with the injection system....
anybody have a holley or weber manifold for an m10?

BimmerKris 02-19-2004 10:23 PM

The therostat is there for a reason. When the water is constanly cooling the motor , it will cause massive problems. When you drive your car in the winter without letting it warm up, you can crack the block very easily. Same goes with a low running temp. It will just take longer slowly doing more damage.

The intake it self should never get hot in the first place it doesn;t generate heat at all.

How did you connect the three hoses, that lead to the stat. Did you make a connector of some kind.

marco328is 02-19-2004 10:29 PM

hey how much did it cost to install a thermostat
the heat in my car suxs
it's always running cold

BimmerKris 02-19-2004 10:33 PM

stats are cheap and easy to replace

felixthecat 02-20-2004 03:14 AM

the 3 way one is about 50$,i just capped off the reciclulating hose(the one on the neck right next to the upper rad hose one)and ran a hose right from the lower rad into the water pump

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