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FastM3 02-03-2004 05:10 AM

anyone know anything on this E30 M3
I was just wondering if anyone knows any info on this car...perhaps the previous owner of it or if you have found out some info about it in the past.


Lil'Smoothie 02-03-2004 05:42 AM

all i know is that its been on the trader for awhile

I doubt anyone will know the previous owners if this car really is a euro spec

You lookin to buy an e30 M3 now?

NickP 02-03-2004 02:43 PM

That car's been for sale for around a year...

FastM3 02-03-2004 07:08 PM

Ya I know it's been on the trader since atleast the summer.

I been looking for any kind of BMW and then found this, they offer a lease on it so I wouldn't mind doing that to get this car.

I went to go look at it yesterday and the exterior is amazing! The interior is pretty good too, seats are slightly cracking but nothing deep...overall it's a great car.

I'm just trying to see if anyone knows any info on the car, good or bad.

BladeRunner 02-04-2004 01:06 AM

here's a little something for you guys and gals. yeah yeah i know its a little old but i read about it in a magazine yesterday. it makes +240hp out of 4 banger.*shiner* oh yeah heres the link.

SpoolinS6 02-04-2004 09:38 PM

man i went to go see the car not to long ago its running ruff man
the passenger side mirror fell off
some parts of the car have been painted
etc it has an ac shnitzer tip which is like 5 inchs wide
its puffing black smoke
wat else do u need to know ????

FastM3 02-04-2004 09:46 PM

When I went to see it, it looked like it was in good condition.

Ya the ACS exhaust is wide but it's supposed to be like that, and I didn't see black smoke, but then again didn't look exactly right at it. If I go again to look at it I'll check everything out more closely. Thanks for your help though. Did those guys say anything to you about it M_Powered?

I'm really not going to pay close to that price because it just ain't worth it.

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