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suicide 01-29-2004 11:27 PM

Suicide e36 - Update..
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so finaly my car has some paint on it.. the exterior is still not painted becuase I just picked up the exhaust opening for my f/g bumper that eurostyle made for me .. My body guy is modding my bumper for the dual exhaust :-)

My interior is finally painted and almost done.. its about 85% done.. Pictures below..

Also for those who wanted to know.. Poppers in the rear for my shaved doors..

here comes the pics..

suicide 01-29-2004 11:28 PM

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suicide 01-29-2004 11:30 PM

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interior with 4 layers of pearl..

suicide 01-29-2004 11:31 PM

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more.... interior....

suicide 01-29-2004 11:32 PM

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suicide 01-29-2004 11:34 PM

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even more..

suicide 01-29-2004 11:35 PM

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suicide 01-29-2004 11:36 PM

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suicide 01-29-2004 11:36 PM

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should be painted 2morow...

suicide 01-29-2004 11:37 PM

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Jattdee328 01-29-2004 11:37 PM

looks hype...gonna be wicked once all together

suicide 01-29-2004 11:38 PM

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these door panels arn't painted..

suicide 01-29-2004 11:39 PM

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sorry the panels came out blurry the flash was to bright becuase of the clear coat on the paint.. BTW THESE PANELS ARN'T FINISHED>>

suicide 01-29-2004 11:40 PM

this is what the dual exhuast should look like when my body adds the 2nd spot that eurostyle created for me...

Jase 01-30-2004 01:50 AM

So did you mold the doors? Or is laminated with fibergalss?. As far as the dash goes did you sand off the vinyl then fiberglass it? or did you just sand and paint it?I am doing some Carbon fiber work to my e30 and whatever colour i do the exterior I will tint the resin to match. That is some sweet bodywork.*th-up*. Also shaving the doorlocks and washers. Do you use a remote lock and is the washers hooked up to wipers now?

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