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Undercaste 01-13-2004 01:21 AM

Intake runners? Custom!
Getting ready to fab a manifold (friend is helping me) for Suzuki GSXR 750 independant throttle bodies --> m10 1.8 head/2.0 block (Mega Squirt). I'm pretty excited!
(I need to do this before I get the rebuild)

So, How long are the intake runners??????
I've been doing ?retarted? math and have come up with 12.5 inches. I'm looking for low end torque not a 700mph car.

Any suggestions??

BTW I think the ITB are 42mm

Skunk#1 01-15-2004 12:47 AM

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i had to figure this out when i tried to put three webers on my land cruiser. i would be happy to help, but i need to get home and get all my equations. just for starters though, you should go to twm, do a search on google. they are resonable and already have bimmer stuff. the throttle bodies for the bike probably won't work on the car even if you set the runner lengths up properly. i dont think that they provide near enough air. i will need to know a lot about your engine if i am able to help you. when i said tried, i have the intake made for my truck, but don't have $1220.00 to buy three carbs, which i then will have to tune. my intake looks something like the one in the pic, but has three carbs on one side. really this is an easy process if you know math and can figure out acoustics. i taught myself by reading 20 different books and would be glad to simplify things for you. tomarrow i will be back on the board as my home doesn't have internet. get all the specs you can about your engine have them ready around 6-8pm. next time i'm on i'll let you know what all info i need. later ggood luck.:D

Skunk#1 01-16-2004 05:14 PM

oh man i am sorry for not getting back with you i still have to dig through my stuff at home. but gimme till tomarrow, saturday i will be at the computer/office. sorry for the delay again.

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