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JBlue 12-27-2003 08:39 PM

Got a speeding ticket. Anyone recommend..
Got a 30 over ticket. Could anyone recommend a ticket fighter that is good? Can't afford to have my insurance rates going up!


Jon@Bimmersport 12-27-2003 09:42 PM

X-coppers...go to nothing other

NickP 12-27-2003 10:55 PM

With a first attendance (meet the prosecutor) they'll drop it to 20 or 25 over before you have a chance to say anything. X Coppers or Pointts will wind up doing the same thing for you but it'll wind up costing you whatever they charge.

Your most likely chance of winning is having the cop not show up and I hear that doesn't happen very often anymore.

///MsAniTy 12-27-2003 10:57 PM

i got a very god person if u want

WhadUpp 12-27-2003 11:04 PM

You can also do the 1st Attendance thing where you get your ticket reduced to less tha 15 km/hr with no points and it wont cost you a thing except the reduced was like 45 dollars for me when I went 80 in a 50 zone.

Like Nick P mentioned its a good option

JBlue 12-28-2003 12:19 AM

So all i do is show up and ask them for no points?

What do you think my chances are? I don't mind paying someone IF they can WIN! I paid someone many years back and he lsot and it was a big waste of money.

WhadUpp 12-28-2003 12:32 AM

Go back and ask for a First attendance appointment with a Justice.

Then they will send you a letter in the mail telling you when your appointment will be. It will take a month or two by the time they send you the letter, so in the meantime nothin will show up for your insurance company to see in case youre renewing right now so the rates wont go up.

Then when you get the date of appointment, you just show up, tell the justice you are sorry and then he or she will reduce it like it happened to me from going 80 in a 50 zone it was dropped to 65 in a 50 with no points and a 45 dollar fine instead of 118 dollar fine and points and I didnt have to pay anyone to represent me.

JBlue 12-28-2003 12:37 AM


Oh sweet deal for u. I have my first date on January 6th. So i'll try that. Do you think by hiring someone my chances will be better?

WhadUpp 12-28-2003 12:41 AM

Not necessarily, I mean what would they charge 200, 300 to represent you and then you still get a reduced penalty?

Its really up to you, its a speeding charge that can easily be reduced because the speed over in question was not outragously over like going 120 in a 50 zone where you have no chance and need representation, but for your speed the justice can overlook it that yeah its over the limit but its not too bad and if you act apologetic they will let you off with no points just minor offence of 15 over no points.*th-up*

JBlue 12-28-2003 12:42 AM

THX dude!!! I will try that!

King Luis 12-28-2003 12:58 AM

did he have you on radar?? cause if he didn't you can say that the officer did not have you on radar so he cannot judge the speed correctly
this is a big thing to keep in mind when getting a speeding ticket.
make sure you ask to see the radar speed.

Mikester 12-28-2003 01:47 AM

EVERYTIME you go to court they ask you to plead guilty and reduce your fine...
say yes only if you see the cop in the courtroom ;)

NickP 12-28-2003 02:04 AM

First Attendance you go by yourself, its just you and the prosecutor... You won't get 30 over reduced to 15 over, they tend to drop it to the next lesser level which in your case is going to be the level over 15?

WhadUpp 12-28-2003 02:07 AM


Originally posted by NickP
First Attendance you go by yourself, its just you and the prosecutor... You won't get 30 over reduced to 15 over, they tend to drop it to the next lesser level which in your case is going to be the level over 15?
It happened to me, I was speeding on Dixon to Scarlett and got clocked 80 on a 50 @ $118 ticket. I went to 1st Attendence and charge was dropped to 15 over no points and $45 fine. That was 30 over.

omid 12-28-2003 04:07 AM

i've got 2 courts coming up in a i got on eglinton doing 86 in a 60 which is not so bad cuz it will be reduced for sure to 15 but the second one i got on 400 beside the 401 ramp doing 136 in a 100 zone.this one is going to be hard to get off.i'll try my best.:rolleyes:

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