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Helldiver 12-25-2001 02:41 AM

Hi all! Here's my ride...
Hi everyone!

I'm new and it's nice to find a board with friendly members from the GTA!

Here's a pic of my new ride...


Bliss 12-25-2001 02:46 AM

Very nice car helldiver. Any mods, or too soon, haha.

ahh, good'ol big star.:)

azn330i 12-25-2001 02:47 AM

Hey Helldiver and welcome to maxbimmer! *wave*

that is one sweet ride man......wanna take me on a cruise?? :)

Gamite 12-25-2001 02:52 AM

Aw sweeet. How come they dont have a drool smiley face? :P

Helldiver 12-25-2001 11:41 AM

Hey dudes,

Na, I'm pretty happy with it the way it is right now so no mods for now. However the Dinan strut brace (looks awesome!) and some new rims may be next steps (HREs.... drool.....).

Going to baby my car through the winter until I get some miles on it...


Gamite 12-25-2001 12:54 PM

Hey! you dont need to drool, you already have the car. besides, you'll ruin the paint job! :)

M-POSING 12-25-2001 01:23 PM

Nice ride HD.....promise to baby it through the winter!!*th-up*

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