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CroatM3 12-23-2003 04:28 AM

NFS Underground
fastest/best car?

skyline gtr?

///m powered 12-23-2003 04:36 AM

depending on if you choose to have your car specially tuned for power , or handling ( you know when you win the choice for what area you want to upgrade)

Understated 12-23-2003 04:44 AM

thats what i was believing up to today too.

skyline gtr right?...............right?


acura integra type R.

well it's not exactly the "best" car

but i've never gotten either of the other cars to the speeds i've gotten my integra type R....yes i've suped them all up to the max in customize car menu...and the only car that contests it is the skyline.

i should show u guys a screen freeze of my topspeed

and i don't use any cheats either....i love the game:cool:

Understated 12-23-2003 04:46 AM

here it is.

i was sloppy with the shifting, i know, but check out the top speed i did on the drag :[

i struggle to get that with the skyline:cool:

///m powered 12-23-2003 04:46 AM

top speed in my gtr was 221mph ... with nos,,,,,,

teh type-r?? its shows the stats being way lower,,, hmmm i should try

Understated 12-23-2003 04:48 AM

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errrrr lets try that again

Understated 12-23-2003 04:50 AM


Originally posted by ///m powered
top speed in my gtr was 221mph ... with nos,,,,,,

teh type-r?? its shows the stats being way lower,,, hmmm i should try

yup thats basically what i got with my suped up integra.

i didn't expect it either

but i was like*smoke* when i hit the nos button and i just saw the speed top 340km/h and i knew i set a record:cool:

///m powered 12-23-2003 04:51 AM

guess the type-r and gtr are tied!!
lol you got 221.8543705 mile/hour (mph)


Understated 12-23-2003 04:53 AM

yea, however i bet i can get my skyline to go faster

that thing is a MONSTER*wiggle*

Understated 12-23-2003 04:58 AM

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yup, one try and i did it

///m powered 12-23-2003 04:59 AM

grrrr haha ill have to beat that tomorow,, or try anyways *shiner*

Understated 12-23-2003 05:02 AM

lol it's hard because you run outta track....i'm sure the skyline could top over 400km/h with nos:D if i had endless road

¤Mä®îؤ™ 12-23-2003 05:37 AM

Yo that game is ill. Are u guy's playing it for computer or PS2, i have it on PS2 and im almost passed it, on the last race, i have the Skyline done up to the tits. It smokes everyone at the line. I got every possible modification possible. I love that game, the only thing though is that the levels are almost all the same, and they look similar,

DAM 12-23-2003 05:43 AM

SKYLINE, love that car

///m powered 12-23-2003 05:43 AM

i beat it the otehr day, and was pissed!, kinda........
you dont get to use underground mode anmyore

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