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BMW_M52_M20 12-04-2003 09:24 PM

E30 is running like a dream now......
Well, my 325e has been running alright since I bought it but there was a few things that were concerning me like poor gas mileage and rough starts......

Anyways, I got it back from the shop today and had a few things done:

1) New OEM Cap and Rotor
2) 6 new spark plugs
3) New Air flow boot (It was cracked casuing my engine to rev up and down)
4) New Flew disc
5) New T valve (my drivers side washer weren't working)
6) My steering wheel had play, and is tightened

Now the car runs so so much better:)
I had a look at the cap and the contacts had corrosion on them and my spark plugs were very fouled which meant my car was running rich.....
My engine always used to "Hunt" at idle and would rev up and down, but it was the cracked air boot which was casuing it, and the new flex disc has really smoothed out my gears, used to be very rough and touchy when hitting the gas.....
I can't believe the power difference, just so much smoother and starting it up now is no problem.......

Well worth the money spent on the car, thought I would post if anyone was having similar problems with there e30......

Jon@Bimmersport 12-04-2003 09:39 PM

before u fixed that disk..if u were at like 3000rpm in 1st and let off the gas did the whole car jerk and lean forward?

BMW_M52_M20 12-04-2003 09:42 PM


Yes that is exactly what was happening, if I would let off the gas even gently or push the gas gently mainly in first and second gear, it would do that......
If yours is doing that, it probably is the flex disc, it is a rubber part that wears out over time......It is cheap to like $40.00......
Makes a BIG difference......

Jon@Bimmersport 12-05-2003 02:41 AM

Where is the flex disc? and how much is install? thanks jay, u dont know how much time this saved me! lol

if u let the clutch out a bit too fast or dont put enough gas in...does the car make a "thunk" ?

BMW_M52_M20 12-05-2003 03:00 AM

Yeah man that is exaclty what happens......The flex disc is located in the driveshaft........It is an easy part to replace if you have the right tools and location to work on it......I don't, I know the flex disc was 40.00$ as for the labour, on my bill, I just have a total of hours of labour spent on the car......I will ask my mechanic and PM you tommorrow.......

windsor318is 12-05-2003 03:03 AM

hhhmmm i think i better check my air flow boot, ive always had a funny idle though..... jon what do you mean my the car leaning forward???

jay i too would like to know the same about the flex disk, if its easy enough to fix, for that price i might as well change it

BMW_M52_M20 12-05-2003 03:11 AM

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Okay guys, here is what I noticed in my car:

In first or second mainly at low RPM's but enough that there shouldn't be lagging, it felt very touchy, it would make Cluncks and would tend to lean forward a bit almost as if you had the clutch out but weren't giving it enough gas and it was bunny hoping, although I knew I was giving it enough gas......
Say at 2000 rpms in second gear I would let go of the gas to put on the brake and clutch and it would clunck and hop depending on certain speeds........
I bet you it probably hasn't been replaced in either of your guys cars, would be interesting to see if your flex disc's are worn out, mine was shot, and man, the car is much more smooth........
Good luck,
I will let you guys know on how much for labour, I remember my mechanic saying it wasn't difficult........

Here is a pic of a flex disc for my model, pretty much the same as your guys.....

bmwm5lover 12-05-2003 03:31 AM

id like to know as well please.

BMW_M52_M20 12-05-2003 03:33 AM

Alright, check this thread around 10am tommorrow and prices will be up......

bmwm5lover 12-05-2003 03:38 AM


Originally posted by BMW_M52_M20
Alright, check this thread around 10am tommorrow and prices will be up......

woudl that be eastern time, or pacific?:confused:


Jon@Bimmersport 12-05-2003 04:14 AM

thanks jay, thats exactly wat happens, LOW rpm going around my is SO annoying like i got a .1324lb flywheel lol

BMW_M52_M20 12-05-2003 08:46 PM

Alright guys, it is about an hour of for me, 72$/h plus 40.00$ plus taxes =

$128.80 with labour and taxes.......Would be good if you good do it yourselves.......

aaron_silva 12-05-2003 11:10 PM

You said you fixed the play in your steering wheel. What exactly was the problem and how was it fixed?


Jon@Bimmersport 12-05-2003 11:31 PM


Originally posted by aaron_silva
You said you fixed the play in your steering wheel. What exactly was the problem and how was it fixed?


i'd like to know steering doesnt react right away.

SebSter 12-06-2003 06:12 PM

wow, i have the same problems, thought it was just me, especially the flex disc.. if anyone in the toronto area goes and gets this fixed on their e30 pls let me know where you did it and how much it cost you, this problem is really starting to piss me off exactly the stuff e46lover was talking about

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