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SpudBoy 11-19-2003 12:31 AM

Eastend Regular Meeting Spot
I'm posting a new poll.

Wimpy's: We close early
Keg: Cars get broken into on our lot regularly (and we don't give a $hit cause we warn'd ya)
Macdonalds: Our milk has lumps (right Randy???:D )

Mystikal 11-19-2003 12:39 AM

My vote stands for Wimpy's.

With the business we give them (probably close to their entire night's customers in one swoop) I bet they would stay open at least an extra 30 mins for us. Like they said, just give them warning. I'm an idiot and didn't. *wave*

SpudBoy 11-19-2003 12:47 AM

Jay: It's hard enough to respond to members and organize a good cruise. We should be able to roll in to a place on a given night. I told Vasko that we would be back the following Saturday Nov 15 but they weren't ready nor did they accomodate us. Randy said "see you next Saturday" (Nov 22)

Should we call their bluff?

Mystikal 11-19-2003 12:50 AM

The Keg is too pricey for a weekly hangout, I think.

Anywhere that is open past 10 seems to be a very busy place, like Jack Astor's, or East Side Mario's, etc. I think somewhere similar to Wimpy's would be perfect, but where is open late that isn't insanely busy on a weekend night? :confused:

SpudBoy 11-19-2003 12:56 AM

we should roll into Wimpy's at 10:15 PM this Sat and see if they are ready IMHO.:D

Mystikal 11-19-2003 12:57 AM

That would be so cruel...:D

SpudBoy 11-19-2003 01:01 AM

Cruel but I'm there:cool:

Timbaland 11-19-2003 01:06 AM

Yea, Wimpy's is cool, but i don't like that 10pm closing. The Keg?!? I would have to stop going to university to pay for a half decent meal there.:D We need to find somewhere open past 10, but isn't fast food, but where? :confused:

SpudBoy 11-19-2003 01:08 AM

where indeed?:confused:

koncise 11-19-2003 04:13 AM

What about Casey's at Kennedy Commons?

I dont know how late they're open or how good it would be for a large group (only been in there once).. but I'm just throwing an idea out.

Mystikal 11-19-2003 04:16 AM

Not as cheap, but they're open pretty late. It can be busy Fri/Sat nights.

koncise 11-19-2003 04:19 AM

Ok, then I say Licks on Milner... I know its technically fast food, but god damn its good... big parking lot there too.

Mystikal 11-19-2003 04:36 AM

I agree. Huge lot, on the 401, open late, good prices, very casual.

What do you think, Spud? Don't need to make another poll, I think people will just go wherever we tell them, the participation is pretty low in these things.

crusher 11-19-2003 04:43 AM

where is wimpys? :)

Mystikal 11-19-2003 04:45 AM

Port Union @ 401. Right at the edge of Scarborough.

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