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M3Pilot 12-23-2001 08:41 AM

Strut Braces
I'm after a strut brace for my E30 M3 and was just after the opinion of you guys out there who have them and what you think i the best way to go.
Do I get a ali one or steel as I have heard people say that the ali ones crack?
Do I get a single piece one or a 3 piece one, as a 3 piece would be easier to remove if needed?
I think I would rather get one that bends and runs along the bulkhead as I guess that the striaght across ones are stronger but get in the way more.

And how easy are the to fit as i guess you have no way of telling that my car it in as perfect aliginment as when it came out the factory. I don't want to be out the trying to bend the damm thing slightly to get it to fit!


M3Pilot 12-23-2001 01:59 PM

So do they make that much difference to how the car feels then ?

vodomagoo 12-23-2001 05:35 PM

where did you get the hartage brace from?

Digitalwave 12-23-2001 09:59 PM

I'd like to get a strut brace but I'm afraid with my all stock suspension that it wouldn't make a difference.

vodomagoo 12-24-2001 01:33 AM

i realy like the hartage ones but i dono where to get them ireland engineering has a nice one thats just like sparco's but cheaper i am prob gonna end up getting one of those but damn i like the 2 tube look, i have front adj. camber plates goin on how much is this gonna effect it though:huh?:

vodomagoo 12-24-2001 01:45 AM


M3Pilot 12-24-2001 07:42 AM

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Well I ordered it this morning and I should have it within a week.
I ordered a single piece steel Sparco one for $72 which I thought was pretty good , and it happens to come it red as well, not that is was a factor on making my mind up.
I attached a pic so you can see what it is going to look like :)

Digitalwave 12-24-2001 10:59 AM

Where did you get it from for that price?

vodomagoo 12-24-2001 12:22 PM

from what i have heard sparco makes some of the best if not the best strut bar out there, it gose down on the site of the shock tower to brace in between them too. Shure the hartage one is nicer and i realy realy realy want one but where am i supposed to get it from:huh?:

vodomagoo 12-24-2001 12:29 PM

hemm thanks ill give em a ring when i am ready

M3Pilot 12-24-2001 12:35 PM

Yes it actally goes down and supports the shock tower too,this is why it only uses 2 of the top shock mounting bolts which has got to be better and stronger that the ones that just go on the top.
Sparco are a very well respected make. They make loads of parts used in F1 and WRC.

This was a place in the UK I think you can get one in the US for about $92 USD

Digitalwave 12-24-2001 12:43 PM

Where can I get one in the US? And do they make a rear brace?

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