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mpower1226 09-25-2003 05:29 PM

another chop request!

huckle! Can you change the colour of the car, to couples of different shades of dark grey, gunmetal, greay, and different shades of gunmetal?

jeremy 09-25-2003 09:16 PM

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hehe here is an you have a full color pic ?

huckle 09-25-2003 09:21 PM

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yeah some more colorful pic would be nice, it looks like a black/white now.
I was just done with mine so here it is.

huckle 09-25-2003 10:03 PM

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huckle 09-25-2003 10:08 PM

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///m powered 09-26-2003 05:34 AM

i like the blue :D

Miguel 09-26-2003 02:33 PM


Originally posted by ///m powered
i like the blue :D
No friggin way... dark grey, shave the door handles, some window tint, and change the mirrors = one of the most badass bimma's out there.

mpower1226 09-27-2003 03:36 AM

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here is the colour pic! do your magic Huckle! *th-up*

As for the next summer project. My car will go under major dressup as in exterior as well as performance.

If everything works out by start of next summer, my car will be metalic dark grey, or gunmetal, or around those shades of dark colour with carbon fiber hood, new rims, fogs light, ellipsoid headlight with possibly ltw spoiler or m5 spoiler. Also the downing atlanta supercharger. now what do you guys think?

huckle, can you add the carbon fiber hood as well? thanks!

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