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325iSBimmer 09-19-2003 02:44 AM

Can someone make me a sig
I'm suck with will someone volunteer to make me a sig.....please...

BMW_7 09-19-2003 02:46 AM

You are suck? I am too! My can't show either! Who's is circle and a square and a triangle?

I am unknown of its means?

///Milk 09-19-2003 02:47 AM

Post somethign in the Photoshop Section.
What would you like in your sig tho?

Jon@Bimmersport 09-19-2003 03:12 AM

i can whip ya up the pics so i can download them onto this laptop

325iSBimmer 09-21-2003 11:24 PM

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here are some pix.....

anything will do....

thanx for the help guys

325iSBimmer 09-21-2003 11:25 PM

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325iSBimmer 09-21-2003 11:26 PM

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