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BmwE30S38 08-03-2003 07:01 PM

P chop some rims for a gti?
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Can someone p chop either masitaly president 17' rims on this gti or voxx mgr 17' rims?they look identical i'm still looking for a good pic but here if you feel like p choping any other rims that would look nice feel free to do so.

BmwE30S38 08-04-2003 04:47 PM


huckle 08-04-2003 10:03 PM

I`ve searched for pics that I can use, but couldn`t find any so I can`t chop them yet. Does anyone else has good pics of these rims?
or do you know some more manufacturers that make similar rims?

BmwE30S38 08-05-2003 12:38 AM

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I found a pic not the greatest but hopefully it will do

qimis 08-05-2003 12:59 AM

huckle: what about the pic from that blue E30 cabrio that you sent me, he's using the same rims i think

Soldo 08-05-2003 03:03 AM

All honesty, i would not TOUCH a thing on that golf, it is my definition of a PERFECT hatch!!!!

BmwE30S38 08-05-2003 04:07 PM

I know but it's not my car it's a friends,he likes the euro style,he's keeping the bbs rims but he gonna switch for something more modern for now.What pic of a cabrio hucckle?i never sent you anything?

huckle 08-05-2003 04:16 PM

no, qimis ment that I sent him a pic of a blue convertible thru msn, but he`s probably confused about the rims or something :)
I did sent him the blue convertible, but not with those rims.
Do you have another pic of that golf or something similar in the same angle as the posted rims?
more from the side and little bit from the front

BmwE30S38 08-05-2003 04:20 PM

oh ok

huckle 08-05-2003 05:05 PM

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look what I found on the net with qimis` help...
they are kahn rsr

huckle 08-05-2003 05:06 PM

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little darker

BmwE30S38 08-05-2003 05:49 PM

Thanks,just one more thing if you could,can you make them a little bigger they look like 15's.Just if you have time if not it's ok i'll try to do it myself.But thanks alot man.Thanks.Also do you know if the khan rsr are still available?Just wondering.

huckle 08-05-2003 05:59 PM

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I don`t know if they`re still available

BmwE30S38 08-05-2003 06:08 PM

alright thanks man.Beautiful p chop.Thanks alot

TiemenT 08-05-2003 08:58 PM

great work ! nice SIG huckle... but an Benz ... pleas..

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