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Marita 12-19-2001 08:08 PM

Which BMW magazines do you subscribe to???
im just really curious...because my friend gave me the BMW Car magazine a month ago and i love it had an Alpina Touring wagon...anyways...i was wondering what magazines u guys get...and which u prefer and recommend...could u pls list them too....thanx in advance *th-up*

Marita 12-19-2001 08:15 PM


Originally posted by ROB89M3
hahahahaha! where did you get this idea from???? hmmmm?
is it I?:D

OH BTW, None. I get the mags from a local mall. If I like the issue,I buy it.

would u recommend buying it or subscribe it???

ok rob u like my lil quote on the bottom of my sig??? heheheheh

Bliss 12-19-2001 08:40 PM

Had a subscription to PBMW, but not anymore:( I just buy them at chapters.

Marita 12-19-2001 08:43 PM

better to subscribe or buy certain months?

Bliss 12-19-2001 08:44 PM

I like the subscription because you know you're not gonna miss anything.

Bliss 12-19-2001 09:18 PM

...but if you get a magazine that sucks, its your loss.:(

Autotechnica 12-19-2001 10:46 PM

Bimmer Magazine, European Car, Max power US and Max power UK, Super Street (used to, yuck!), some german and UK ones I buy at local shops.


Bliss 12-20-2001 12:34 AM

use to get "owl" when i was 6.:P

Bliss 12-20-2001 01:23 AM

it was good at the time...and very educational:D

Autotechnica 12-20-2001 01:47 AM

really? When I was in grade school around grade's 1-3 I had to watch the Owl show 2-3 times per week, it was very annoying.


Gamite 12-20-2001 10:10 AM

I dunno, I liked that show when I was a kid, I liked the ending where they made all that weird stuff.

Autotechnica 12-20-2001 01:01 PM

I remember at the end of the show when they had the credits there was always this stupid kid that danced like an idiot, hehe that was funny.


M3Pilot 12-20-2001 03:07 PM

Total BMW

Autotechnica 12-20-2001 04:51 PM


Kaisake 12-20-2001 06:30 PM

You guys forgot Ranger Rick... hehehe, as for bmw mags now: Roundel. The other mags, I go to book stores and check them out before I buy, those include: Top Gear, European Car, BMW Car, Bimmer, and a few others I can't remember right now. *th-up*

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