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SickFinga 03-19-2002 10:41 PM


damn what the worse could happen in parents life?

'88 325e 03-19-2002 11:29 PM

That is so sad! :( I hope that she didn't suffer! My condolences to her family. :(

MPRESION 03-20-2002 12:41 AM

That is sad. When I was is San Jose a couple of years ago, I was at a game and this old lady got clocked in the head with a puck... they took her out on a stretcher and all:eek: Not something I would like to happen to me or anyone.

Marita 03-20-2002 11:08 AM


Furious 03-20-2002 05:10 PM

i was watching that on the news last night,, its a tradgic thing,, :(

Kaisake 03-20-2002 06:01 PM

Tragic... :( My condolences to the victim and all who are affected. :(

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