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hawai-Ian 03-18-2002 10:20 PM

When you've over-modded your car
1. a riced-up cavalier driver is snickering at your ride
2. LIGHTS! you bought an add-on wutever light kit and you go to a meet and your car is the only one wif that pos kit on
3. Stripes and decals. For crying out loud!
4. You have a wad of cash burning in your pocket not knowing wut to buy next
5. you fell for that 'gold trim' look
6. Antennas! You have antennas more than the opp cruiser

Hartge H26 03-19-2002 02:38 AM

don't forget...

*"I D King" written in gold or silver on the rocker pannels or across the front windshield.
* naked girl bent over eched into the glass
* rear wing is as high as the roof of you car
* chain link steerling wheel
* you used crackle paint on you dash and doors

Furious 03-19-2002 09:38 AM

you know youve over modded when.......

-every time you touch the gas the tires spin out of control...
-you cant decided if you need your second paint job in two years...
-you find that theres no room left in your engine compartment to even change your oil!
-you decide to buy two different skirt kits,, one for each alternating year...
-you have soo many fancy gadgets that you have to change your battery every 6 months...
-you decide to get rid of your supercharger for a stage 4 turbo and a big bottle of NOS......

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