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msifashion 06-16-2003 03:37 AM

e30 wheel fitments
I want to but some 18's for my e30.
A couple of people have said that you can't get wheels to fit e30's without spacers and such.
Is this true?
I'm looking to buy some non deep wheels and I've heard that only wide wheels fit easily on an e30.
Is it all BS?

Albertae30 06-16-2003 05:25 AM

well i stuck with 16" a little small i know but they look good on my car i have heard of going to 17 but 18 you would need to roll your fender lip and most likely need spacers i am running 16" with 30mm offset and just barely clearing the struts

msifashion 06-17-2003 03:49 AM

Any e30 owners have 18's? How did you do it?

BMW BMXer 06-17-2003 02:29 PM

M50E30 has 18's

jeremy 06-17-2003 02:37 PM

i'm running 18"x8"s with no rubbing or spacers.....your best bet for 18" rims that will fit with no spacers is to go with some team dynamics rims ....they are one of the few rim companies that still cater to our td monza's are a 4x100 et 20... for 18's it list the diablo,motorsport,rvr II and the mirage.....check out their site....

msifashion 06-17-2003 02:49 PM

Thanks jeremy, you're always a big help. what's et 20 mean?

msifashion 06-17-2003 02:52 PM

oh offset =20. *mumble* nevermind

jeremy 06-17-2003 03:02 PM

no prob*th-up*

windsor318is 06-17-2003 11:22 PM

if your interested in running any set of rims you would like, i suggest you take a look at BMP trax spacers that are hub centric. they mount to your hub and you then mount the rim of your choice to the spacer. if your looking at buying narrow rims, like 7.5 wide or even 8" wide, youll notice they all come in et42 or et45 for jap crap applications, this is where the spacers come in play

Albertae30 06-18-2003 06:33 PM

well some times you don't need spacers with my wheels i am runing 30 mm offset with no spacers it almost rubs but never has

BMW BMXer 06-18-2003 06:52 PM

I am running 33offset

msifashion 06-19-2003 05:09 AM

So, if I want to run rims with a 42 offset, then I need spacers that bring the wheel out about 20 mm, Correct? I think I'll make some lug spacers out of pipe, would work right? Just cutting some pipe 20 mm long and putting the lug through it, then to the hub. Should'nt this work?

Albertae30 06-19-2003 05:42 AM

yeah if you want your wheel to fly off and your brakes rubbing on the ground sure why not*no-no*

msifashion 06-19-2003 05:49 AM

Well, what can I do? I can't afford to spend 150 on some spacers. Could'nt I make spacers out of just flat aluminum pieces? Sorry for being a cheap ass, but I'm broke.

Albertae30 06-19-2003 05:52 AM

man so am i trust me there are wheels out there with the almost correct offset and aren't even that expensive but if you want nice wheels with wrong offset save up your bucks and do it right you have to keep the bmw idea up which is quality with looks you don't want looks with nasty quality.

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