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Mr seville 03-17-2002 10:30 AM

just bought an rx300
we got our downpayment back from the cadillac cts.
1)it's all just cheesy pattern plastic inside
2)horrible sevice records over at foss(my dad's had his cadillac for 10 years still runs like brand new but it would take a day1/2 to just fix minor things!!! like 1 lightbulb for the fog lights and an oil change kind of minor!!!) shit I could do that myself in an hour.service bay always packed with those stupid oversized slow pieces o shit!!!
3) the new 5 is coming out in january aswell as the e-class so thats worth the wait.
4) next year the cts gets an engine upgrade.

reasons we didn't get an X5
now hear me out on this one
1) non reliable
2) $56k for pleather come on!!!
3) the rx 300's ride is easier on the spine
4) cruise control came only on the 3.0 sport not the premium package and is not standard.

AzN_E46 03-17-2002 02:39 PM

the X5 isn't reliable probably cuz it's built in the U.S! :moon:

what colour is ur RX300?

Mr seville 03-17-2002 02:49 PM

black on ivory
pickin it up 2morrow!:)
i'm so excited:D *th-up*
we know the owner of northwest lexus so he kinda nudged us into the thing but i have no problem with it

Gamite 03-18-2002 04:14 AM

Did I ever mention that I rear ended an RX300 in my mom's 89 volvo waggon?

(I wasnt used to the extra long front end on the volvo, and it was just a small scratch)

Mr seville 03-18-2002 04:10 PM

nice to know that the thing won't fall apart*th-up*

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