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straight_6 12-18-2001 12:00 AM

My M50 powered E30
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88' 325is:

95 2.5L motor
M5 motor mounts
Bored throttle body
Cold air (high-beam) intake
Lightened flywheel
Custom GIAC chip
Short throw shift kit
Plastic bumper conversion
Breyton body kit
Kamai grill spoilers
Brullen muffler
Genie headers
Dual 2 1/2" exhust with HiFlow cat
16" x 7.5" +25 mm ET, Dail Elysee rims
M5 master cylinder
Steel braided lines
Brembo sloted rotors
H&R springs
Bilstien sport shocks

Marita 12-18-2001 12:04 AM

:eek: :eek:

*th-up* *th-up*

straight_6 12-18-2001 12:06 AM

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Next year......


straight_6 12-18-2001 12:08 AM

whatta you guys think?
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ThE bRoWn GuY 12-18-2001 12:15 AM

Nice ride!! Your setup is extremely similar to mine... Cant wait for next year!! Have you timed your car? I never got a chance and wanna see where i'm at!

Bliss 12-18-2001 12:24 AM

Very nice and clean looking car straight_6. It looks like you put alot of work into it. Ok so when are we gonna find out about the future mod??? Don't tell me you're gonna keep us in suspense like that? haha..:D Nice ride...again.*th-up*

straight_6 12-18-2001 12:34 AM

I don't know guys.... that Ferrari idea sounds pretty cool.:idea:

ThE bRoWn GuY 12-18-2001 01:00 AM

Not to take away this thread from you, but here are a couple pics of mine...

straight_6 12-18-2001 01:26 AM

[QUOTE]Originally posted by ThE bRoWn GuY
[B]Not to take away this thread from you, but here are a couple pics of mine...

Nice car! What year is the motor? It looks like a 94-95.*th-up*
Who did the work?

ThE bRoWn GuY 12-18-2001 01:29 AM

Thanks for the complement! 95 Motor.. and i did most of the work in a friend's fathers shop, with his mechanic...

straight_6 12-18-2001 01:32 AM

What kind of brake booster did you use?
And did you stick with the same transmission or put a newer one in?

ThE bRoWn GuY 12-18-2001 01:39 AM

Stayed with the Getrag 260... dunno. i preferd to..

EMPOWERD 12-18-2001 09:04 AM

Nice cars ladies. You guys should line it up right now while they're still evenly matched (before Straight_6 does his "major" overhaul and has nothing but traction problems). You guys should teach others that the M50 conversion is definately the way to go.

ThE bRoWn GuY 12-19-2001 04:36 AM

It is more than worth it but is a killer to the wallet!! I'll line it up next year... hopefully if all goes well i may engage in a winter project as well!

Gamite 12-22-2001 02:01 AM

Ahh, there's your car, Bimmer Cruz eh?

Wait wait, I think you can see my car waaaay in the back somewhere.. hehe

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