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SickFinga 03-13-2002 01:33 AM

WTF with USA?

What Bush is thinking about? He wants to start WW3 ?

azn330i 03-13-2002 05:52 AM

i thought he was crazy when he started this war thing......but now he is pyshco!!

cyc 03-13-2002 06:23 AM

either he's drunk or he's on crack! *uzi* :moon:

daytona 03-13-2002 10:13 PM

Ya all wanta fight!!.....
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Thats right you commie bastards,you got the Busher on the trigger,so dont mess with me or I send a dozen scuds up you're gazoo...:eek: as you see the resemblance is amazing.

Gamite 03-14-2002 03:25 AM

Thread Locked for inappropriate material.

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