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Bimmer Heaven 04-25-2014 02:46 AM

My first and last visit to Metal Coaters!!!
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My first and LAST visit at Metal Coaters in Brampton;
To make a long (2+ week) story short, a friend told me about the place, i called them about doing a set of 750 calipers, was told 2-3 days and $120. Sounds great, so i go see them same day, price went to $250 (because i needed the caliper brackets done to!!!). Was told they will call me when they are ready, great! A week goes by, so i call them, the secretary remembers me (or my brakes!), good sign, or so think. And this is where things go bad fast; get transered to 3 people, nobody knows anything...main guy is "out right now, call after 5". After calling ever few days, same story, not done yet, was told "it takes longer because of all the masking we have to do". Today i picked up my parts (2 weeks and 2 days later, still NO call from them), and this is what i got. Instead of bright red, some kind of redish orange, several chips (from hanging), one bleeder screw was left OPEN, and full of paint, cylinders had paper shoved into them (NO masking) and overspray, and the inside actually started to rust. The job looked like it was done by a 5 year old. They did offer to redo it, but at this point i don't have another 2 weeks to waste.
On the bright side, i was given $50 off to make it all better!!!! ROFL

careless7 04-25-2014 08:47 AM

What a disaster.

BigD 04-25-2014 09:01 AM

Holy ****... a 16 year old with some krylon could have done better.

SiR 04-25-2014 09:05 AM


Steve30 04-25-2014 09:06 AM

the fact that you even paid for this shows them that they can get away with it. I would've walked out of there laughing at them.

jrsmitchell 04-25-2014 10:18 AM

Did you pay by credit card? Consider a charge back. That is really terrible.

Slowered318 04-25-2014 10:32 AM

Looks like they used parking cone orange, what a disaster!

I wonder if Quy's Coatings would have done a better job? I'm holding off on mine in fear of having a similar experience by not doing it myself.

Considering how much work is involved to prep and paint 4 calipers plus the brackets, $250 is pretty reasonable. You would expect a professional job and a proper color of red. This is par for the coarse these days, very rare to find someone who takes the extra time to exceed your expectations. You have to explain that you are "picky" and you want perfection or you will go somewhere else, usually pay a higher price too! I guess most people really don't care and the paint job you got is "good enough" for your hard earned money. Sadly it actually looks better then most caliper/drums I've seen on cars out there.

Steve30 04-25-2014 11:30 AM

Here is a good place to go for coatings. There's a large gallery with photos of work he has done.

ex3mal 04-25-2014 02:15 PM

Looks discussing. I heard some good feedback about quys coating from my buddies but never used him my self

jabela 04-26-2014 01:28 AM

That's pretty terrible. I usually try to do as much prep as I can beforehand for stuff like this to get the best results.

Bimmer Heaven 04-26-2014 01:54 AM


Originally Posted by jabela (Post 1645957)
That's pretty terrible. I usually try to do as much prep as I can beforehand for stuff like this to get the best results.

Those were brand new calipers, i stripped them as they asked, only thing was to be taped up, or masked...guess it was too much for them! If i was to do any more, might as well have done them myself! lol I have done better jobs with spray paint...

propr'one 04-26-2014 10:14 AM

holy shit you paid for that?

i wouldn't have given them a ****ing cent.

dbworld4k 04-26-2014 10:20 AM

Holy shit, that's unbelievably bad. Even I can do a better job than that, wtf.

Go after these bastards.

BMW_TECH_24 04-26-2014 11:01 AM

****in i think I just puked in my mouth


740-iLL 04-28-2014 12:34 AM

Man, that sucks Fil!

I always use Quy in Brampton for powder coating, and he always does a great job at a reasonable cost.

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